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Stevita® Spoonable Stevia™ Single-Serve Packets

No Calories and NO Carbohydrates. USDA Organic. The Original Stevia Sweetener. From our Brazilian farms to your table.

$3.58 /50 Packets

Product Name: Stevita® Spoonable Stevia™ Single-Serve Packets
Manufacturer: Stevita | (View More Stevita Products)
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Item Number: ST21
Item Weight: 3.36 oz

Product Details

Gluten Free
NO Calories
NO Carbohydrates

Extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant with high concentrations of Steviosides and Rebaudiosides, preserving all of the purity of this plant native to South America.

Each Serving (1 Packet) Contains:
Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni extract 60 mg(leaves)

Ingredients: Erythritol (a natural filler derived from fruits, grains and vegetables), and Stevita Stevia (with 95% steviol glycosides, the sweet components of the stevia leaf). Cooking with Stevia Conversion Chart

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