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Hot or Cold Gel Pack | Reusable Insulated | 4 x 6 Inch

Freeze to Cool Microwave to Heat. Dimensions are 4" X 6". For topical pain relief with treatment options of either hot or cold therapy.

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Product Name: Hot or Cold Gel Pack | Reusable Insulated | 4 x 6 Inch
Manufacturer: Cardinal Health
Availability: In Stock - Ready to Ship
Item Number: CH46
Item Weight: 6.70 oz

Product Details

Cold Hot packs
Freeze to Cool
Microwave to Heat

Blue Reusable Insulated Gel Packs!

Blue Gel retains heat and cold for each treatment (treatment time from 20 to 45 minutes).
Re-heat or chill for continued use for pulled, sprained or strained muscles.
The CH46 measures 4" wide X 6" long.

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