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Pyruvate 1000 | Plus CitriMax® and ChromeMate®

Pyruvate One Thousand also contains ChromeMate® & CitriMax®. Assists metabolism for supporting weight-loss effort & improve athletic performance.

$15.98 /180 Capsules

Product Name: Pyruvate 1000 | Plus CitriMax® and ChromeMate®
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Pyruvate is a byproduct of your body breaking down glucose, or blood sugars, in your normal dietary processes. Available as a supplement, it's used to support healthy cholesterol levels and may assist with weightloss by assisting with the processing and breakdown of fats in daily diet. Due to the interaction with metabolic processes it's also been used to assist with improving athletic performance in athletes. Pyruvic acid, the liquid form of pyruvate is frequently used for skin care as it assists in causing the outer layer of dead skin to fall away. Thus frequently used by women as a facial peel and beauty product to help remove and reduce wrinkles.

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