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MENO-HF® Homeopathic Formula | Soy Free Non-GMO

Relieves hot flashes and mood changes associated with menopause. Does not contain soy products or other genetically-modified products.

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Product Name: MENO-HF® Homeopathic Formula | Soy Free Non-GMO
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Product Details

Gluten Free

Homeopathic Formula

Soy Free

Relieves Hot Flashes and Mood Changes Associated with Menopause

Active Ingredients: (in each tablet)Purpose

Cimicifuga racemosa 1X HPUS

Relieves hot flashes and mood changes

Trifolium pratense 1X HPUS

Supportive phytoestrogens, isoflavones for other ingredients

Magnesium carbonica 1X HPUS

Relieves cramps,nervousness and muscle spasms

Agnus castus 1X HPUS

Improves melancholy and permenopausal hormone imbalance
Spacer ImageUses
  • Relieves hot flashes, mood changes associated with perimenopausal hormone changes.
  • Spacer ImageWarnings:
    Allergy Alert: Rare allergic reaction to Red clover (Trifolium pratense): includes skin reactions; to Black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa): includes stomach discomfort.
    Spacer ImageDirections
  • Adults take 1 or 2 tablets 3 times daily with meals. An extra dose may be taken at bedtime if needed. Do not exceed 10 tablets in a 24 hour period. The smallest effective dose should be used. Do not give to children under 12. Do not exceed recommended dose.
  • Inactive ingredients: Lactose, stearic acid, cellulose, magnesium stearate.

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