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Natrual Homeopathic Medicine

Uses: For the temporary relief of symptoms associated with fibromyalgia such as fatigue, muscle pains, headache and insomnia.

Active ingredients: (HPUS)
Arnica 18X, Lactic Acid 10X, Nux Vomica 10X, Kali phos. 10X, Mag phos. 10X, Cuprum ars. 10X. Inactive ingredients: Sucrose/lactose.

Directions: Turn tube upside down, twist cap to break seal & release pellets. Using clear cap, place 3 pellets to dissolve under your tongue 3 times a day or as needed. Take apart from food or drinks. To preserve purity avoid touching pellets with fingers.

Warnings: If symptoms persist or worsen, or if pregnant or nursing, consult a doctor.

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