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Soothing Foot Powder | Dr. Scholl's® Comparable

Comparable to Dr. Scholl's® brand. Helps feet remain cool and dry. Comforts tired, tender feet. Soothing foot powder refreshes your feet.

$6.99 /2 - 7 oz cans

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Product Name: Soothing Foot Powder | Dr. Scholl's® Comparable
Manufacturer: Premier
Availability: In Stock - Ready to Ship
Item Number: 2156
Item Weight: 16.40 oz

Product Details

COMPARE TO Dr. Scholl's®

  • Keeps feet cool and dry
  • Comforts tired, tender feet

Soothing Foot Powder refreshes your feet. The highly absorbent formula helps keep feet cool and dry. Regular use helps reduce foot odor.

Ingredients: Talc, salicylic acid, methyl salicylate.

Directions: Sprinkle generously on all areas of feet.

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