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Depila-Cream Facial Hair Remover and Finishing Cream Tubes

Facial Hair Removal with Aloe Vera Finishing Cream. Creams Away Facial Hair. Lemon Scented. 70% Aloe Gel Soothes and Protects Facial Skin.

$8.79 /1 set (1 oz ea)

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Product Name: Depila-Cream Facial Hair Remover and Finishing Cream Tubes
Manufacturer: Miracle of Aloe
Availability: In Stock - Ready to Ship
Item Number: 1822
Item Weight: 2.56 oz

Product Details

With Aloe Vera Gel
Finishing Cream

Remove Unwanted Facial Hair in Minutes!
Removal unsightly facial hair gently and safely so you'll look your very best. It just couldn't be simpler! With Depila-Cream Facial Hair Remover you just apply and minutes later wipe away every trace of unwanted hair!

Depila Cream leaves skin shiny, smooth and beautiful ... unlike depilatories made to remove other bristly-type body hair. Extra gentle and specially formulated for facial use.

Includes soothing 70% Aloe Vera Gel finishing cream, for extra smooth and soft skin. Set includes 1 oz Facial Hair Remover lemon scented and 1 oz Aloe Vera Gel Finishing Cream.

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