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BioSil - Biologically Active Silicon | ch-OSA Collagen

BioSil reduces fine lines and wrinkles, thickens and strengthens hair and nails and promotes healthy bones and joints.

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Product Name: BioSil - Biologically Active Silicon | ch-OSA Collagen
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Nature's Anti-Weakness Compound

Studies at UCLA and other research institutions have proven that silicon is an essential element required for the normal growth, development, and integrity of bones, joints and connective tissue; as well as for hair, skin, nails, arteries and cartilage. Literally every part of the body that requires strength and elasticity requires silicon.

Specifically, silicon is associated with collagen formation, the fibrous protein matrix which provides support for body structures such as cartilage and bones. This is why optimal bone health depends upon silicon as well as calcium. Inadequate silicon intake has been associated with weak, brittle nails and weakened capillaries and arteries. This is due to a deficiency in the essential beauty protein matrix.

Our bodies process silicon inefficiently, and our ability to do even that diminishes as we age. Scientists currently estimate our daily requirement for silicon to be between 5 and 20 mg per day. This is clearly why BioSil supplementation is necessary to ensure healthy bones, joints, hair, nails and different connective tissues.

BioSil Contains the Only Bioavailable Form of Silicon

The only bioavailable form of silicon is orthosilicic acid [Si(OH)4], not silica [SiO2]. Silica is silicon dioxide, which is not bioavailable. Silicon is found in food (and horsetail) as silicates, which are likewise not bioavailable. All dietary silicon must be dissolved in the stomach into orthosilicic acid, the monomeric (single unit) correct form of silicic acid, which is absorbed and used by the body. Silicic acid, however, is unstable. In nature, concentrations over 1 ppm (the amount typically found in mineral water), orthosilicic acid readily polymerizes into long chains, converting in the process back into a non-bioavailable silicon dioxide and silicates.

BioSil is a revolutionary breakthrough product, stabilized and concentrated at 20,000 parts per million and providing 1 mg of highly biologically active and absorbable silicon in just one drop! One bottle of equals the orthosilicic acid in 600 liters of mineral water!

BioSil and the Bones - Calcium Supplements Work Better with Silicon

Silicon plays a very important role in bone calcification, especially in the growth of new bone. The cells that make bone (osteoblasts) begin constructing a connective tissue matrix. When this is done, the osteoblasts switch their function and begin to fill in this matrix with minerals. This process requires silicon.

In a clinical study of 53 women who had osteoporosis, silicon supplementation produced an increase in bone mineral density, or an increase in bone mass. Indeed, silicon seemed to be the only thing that could alone help maintain the normal function of the bones osteoclast cells, the cells that break down bone. (Eisinger and Clairet, 1993).

Biosil and the Joints - Glucosamine Supplements Work Better with Silicon

Connective tissue is composed of cells which produce the fibrous protein matrixes of collagen and elastin, as well as the hydrated network of aminosugars called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) or mucopolysaccarides (MPSs). Silicon is known to act as a cross-linking agent which connects and stabilizes the glycoaminoglycan networks. A major function of GAGs is to attract and hold water in the joints. Why is this important? Because articular cartilage in the joints has no blood supply of its own. Healthy cartilage therefore derives all its nutrition, as well as its cushioning effect, from the supply of water in the joints.

Glucosamine, an amino sugar needed for the production of GAGs, is quite well known as an effective alternative support for joints. Given silicon's physiological association with GAGs, taking silicon with your glucosamine will increase the effectiveness of the latter for promoting joint and connective tissue health.

Another important aspect of silicon is it is essential for the formation and maintenance of healthy joint cartilage. Chondroitin sulfate requires silicon to construct the sponge-like material in the joints that nourishes articular cartilage. In fact, silicon, in the form of silanolates, actually connects together the condroitin sulfate molecules in joints. Increased hydration promotes connective tissue elasticity and cushioning. So vital is silicon to healthy joint function that in Maximizing the Arthritis Cure, the follow-up book to The Arthritis Cure, mention is made of the addition of silicon to everyone's diet, because of the important role silicon has been found to have in bone and cartilage formation.

BioSil and the Heart - Healthy Arteries Require Silicon

A substantial amount of the body's connective tissue is the lining of our veins and arteries. Clinical studies show that silicon levels progressively drop in the artery wall. In seniority and heart disease, silicon in the aorta is only 15% of that of a child. Silicon makes the inner lining of arterial tissue (tunica intima) less permeable. Since arterial damage is usually the first step in plaque formation that can eventually clog an artery and lead to surgical consequences, researchers are beginning to think that silicon deficiency.

BioSil Hair, Skin, and Nails Benefits

The Skin - Silicon is Collagen's X-Factor

Skin comprises the largest organ containing connective tissue. It's 15-20% of our body weight. The silicon from BioSil was shown to generate collagen in the dermis of the skin of calves up to 12.5% (Calomme and Vanden Berghe, 1997). Silicon is crucial for activating the hydroxylation enzymes for cross-linking collagen, which improves the strength and elasticity of this fibrous protein. Better collagen means better skin, more elasticity, and fewer wrinkles.

Hair and Nails

Hair - The outer shaft of hair is intended to be very strong, essentially as strong as any fiber. This outer shaft of hair, that also provides elasticity and strength, is rich in silicon. BioSil can help hair grow thicker and stronger. Hair with higher silicon content tends to fall out less and has more shine and luster.

Nails - The predominant minerals in nails are calcium, silicon and sulfur. A sign that silicon may be systemically deficient is nails that are brittle or soft.

The Essential Nature of Silicon, Clinically Proven

The late UCLA professor Edith Carlisle, in years of research, demonstrated that silicon is essential even though in nature silicon is virtually everywhere. Next to oxygen, it is the second most abundant element in the biosphere, comprising 28% of the earth's crust.

Our bodies contain about 7 grams of silicon. In blood, silicon is in the form known as orthosilicic acid, which is the only form that can be absorbed, whether by plants, animals or humans.

Biosil is orthosilicic acid, stabilized by choline chloride in this singular form, so it is immediately available for absorption. Bioavailability is precisely what makes it so much more valuable than any other silicon form. In a clinical study at the University of Antwerp, several leading silicon supplements were tested on volunteers for a week. There was a one week washout period between each dosing period, during which the subjects ate a regular diet. It was compared with a commercially available horsetail extract and a silica gel. Mineral water was used as a control. BioSil raised blood levels of silicon over 2.5X (150%) over the other sources. (See Graph) As Dr. Leigh Broadhurst, a leading proponent of silicon, said:

"The silicon from BioSil showed an increase in the urine and in the bloodstream. We measured the urine output of trace elements, not because it's being wasted, but because that shows you that it's been metabolized, and the body takes what it needs and excretes what it doesn't. But the most important thing we saw was an increase in the bloodstream with BioSil.

The BioSil Advantages

High Potency is 20,000 times more concentrated than mineral water. One drop (1 mg) equals the silicon in an entire liter bottle of mineral water!

Maximum Absorption contains stabilized orthosilicic acid, the only form of silicon absorbed directly through the stomach wall and the gastrointestinal tract into the bloodstream.

Available Liquid and Capsule - Stabilized and concentrated, Biologically Activated Silicon Complex. Because orthosilicic acid (OSA) needs to be stabilized to prevent it from polymerizing into inert silica, choline chloride performs this critical complexing and stabilizing function. Hence, it was originally introduced as a liquid concentrate. In 2004, a second BioSil was introduced in a vegetarian capsule, each containing 5 mg of silicon as stabilized OSA. Both the original liquid and the dry capsule have been used in clinical trials.


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  • U.S. Patent Number 5,922,360 and other patents pending.

Dietary Supplement

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value

Choline (as ch-OSA®)

100 mg18%

Silicon (as Choline-Stabilized
Orthosilicic Acid)(ch-OSA®)

5 mg*
*Daily Value (DV) not established.
Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Choline Chloride, Purified Water. Capsule Shell consist of Hydroxypropyl MethylCellulose.

Directions: Take one capsule per day, preferably with a meal.

Made in USA in an FDA Registered Facility using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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