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TotalCare™ Heavy Metal Screen Test

World's first immediate method of screening heavy metals in your body. Includes 2 tests with instructions included inside the box.

$17.29 /1 Kit (2 Tests)

Product Name: TotalCare™ Heavy Metal Screen Test
Manufacturer: TotalCare | (View More TotalCare Products)
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Item Number: 00810
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Product Details

Heavy Metal Testing Kit

Includes 2 Tests with Instructions

Test your Urine, Water, Dust, Dirt, Paint and other substances such as Rice Milk, Food etc. for Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals tested:
Copper, Zinc, Mercury, Cadium, lead, and Nickel

Quickly test heavy metals in your body, your enviroment and drinking water within minutes.
Detect several heavy-metal ions in your body, tap water and household items by means of a simple procedure in just a few minutes with only one reagent.

This kit indicates the presence of heavy metal ions in qualitative terms. In binding with free metal ions, color complexes are formed. Reaction times will vary depending on the heavy metal concentrations.

• Simple & Easy To Use
• Quick & Reliable Results
• Scientifically Approved
• Quickly Test Your Drinking Water.
• Quickly & Conveniently Obtain Heavy Metal Urine Concentration

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