How and Where to Leave Reviews for WonderLabs and Our Products

Be Heard with Online Reviews

Why Leave a Review?

Before we jump into the task of how to leave us a review and where to leave it, you may be asking yourself why should you take the time to leave a review in the first place.

The main two reasons we want to encourage you to leave a review are the following:

  1. We Want to Hear from our Customers!: Our goal is to make you happy and pleased with your purchase of vitamins, supplements and other products from our website. We strive to make sure we take care of you every step of the process and you're completely satisfied with your experience. Based on what we've heard from most of our customers so far, we believe we're doing a pretty good job. We all like to get encouragement in the form of a "Good Job" and a pat on the back, so keep 'em coming! But we know sometimes we may miss the mark, we want to know about that experience as well so we can learn from it and improve both to make sure you're happy but also to ensure the customer after you doesn't experience the same challenge as you!

  2. Your Opinion Matters to Others!: When you were shopping for a product on our site, did you come here at the recommendation of a friend or family member? Did you read a review on a product you were considering that may have been left by a complete stranger? As consumers, we like to hear from others about a product or an experience over all with a company or business. We believe if we manufacture great products and keep prices low, while offering the highest customer service, our customers will be the best sales force we could ever employ!

Where Do I Leave a Review

How to Leave a WonderLabs Product Review
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Answering the question of where you can leave a review can produce a long list of options and opportunities for you. As you may be aware, with so much business being done online and through the Internet these days, there are multiple locations where you can voice your opinions and make yourself be heard. The list below contains the locations we want to focus our efforts for building our reviews, but feel free to use your favorites if you have them and let us know and we'll follow-up with those if necessary.

On Our Website Through ShopperApproved

We've been working with ShopperApproved for a number of years now to collect our merchant and product reviews in a format that also allows us to embed those reviews directly on our website too.

After completing a purchase on our website, you should receive follow-up emails that ask for your feedback regarding your purchase experience and the products themselves. You can respond to these emails if you wish, or, you can also go back to the individual product pages for the products you've purchased and click on the links there to leave your review. There are 4 places you can access the reviews on each product page:

  1. 1.) Top of the Page - Right under the product title
  2. 2.) Under Product Details - On the "Reviews" Tab
  3. 3.) On the Reviews Tab - Under the Review Summary
  4. 4.) On the Reviews Tab - At the Bottom of the Page

Leave a Google Review

Ranking well on Google always helps businesses and we're no different. If you're a Google user. You can leave us a review on our Google listing by clicking this link. It will immediately pop-up so you can give us a star rating and share a few thoughts about your experience with WonderLabs as well. We sincerely appreciate your time for leaving a review.

On Our Facebook Page

Social media is a huge driver of interest and traffic for us at WonderLabs. Some people are using Facebook today more than any other single website on the Interent. If you'd like to let us and everyone else on Facebook know how we're doing on this platform, just visit our Facebook Page and click on the "Reviews" tab. Of course we don't want to exclude anyone, so feel free to tag us and leave a shout-out on any other social media platforms you use as well! We're on Twitter @WonderLab, Instagram @wonderlabs and Google+ too!

Leave a Review on Amazon

We also sell some of our products on Amazon and if you've got experience with any of the products we sell there, leaving a review for a product on their site would be great too! Just navigate to the product page on the Amazon website for the product you want to review and look for the customer review link right under the product title. Clicking there will scroll you down the page and you should see a button to "Write a customer review" available to you.

The Review All-Around

If you'd really like to let your voice be heard and help out other consumers, you're not limited to just one of the locations above. You can leave reviews at all of them if you would like! This will make sure we can make your opinions known across multiple channels and have people see your review in the places most convenient to themselves.