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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Does Wonder package products in larger quantities than what is on the website or in the catalog (Example: The website shows a product in the 100 count and 250 count bottles and the customer wants it in a 500 count bottle)?
A. No, Wonder does not do special packaging. This would not be cost effective for Wonder Labs or for the customer.

Q. Does Wonder offer special (wholesale) pricing for customers wanting to sell its products?
A. Wonder does not have special (wholesale) pricing. You can order one bottle of Wonder's product(s) or 1,000 bottles; the price is the same. Wonder's prices are already very low discounted prices.

Q. Are any of Wonder's products, or the ingredients in any of the products, from China?
A. Wonder does not use any ingredients from China in any of its products.

Q. Is this product okay to take with my prescription medications?
A. You should ask your doctor who prescribed the prescription medication(s) you are taking or your pharmacist if you can take this dietary supplement with the drugs you are taking.


Q. Will Wonder Labs's empty capsules hold liquid or oil?
A. Wonder Lab's Empty Capsules should not be used for extended storage of filled liquids or oils. For extended storage or use, they are only for filling with dry powder. However, capsules may be filled with liquids or oils for immediate use only.


Q. How many milligrams of Quinine are in Wonder's Leg Cramps w/Quinine?
A. Wonder's LEG CRAMPS w/QUININE # 8371 is a Homeopathic product and according to Homeopathic Regulations, the quinine in this formula is only expressed in 3X, 6X, etc. It is never expressed in milligrams.

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