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Four Supplements to Support Recovery From Exercise

Four Supplements to Support Recovery From Exercise

Exercise of all kinds necessitates recovery. A healthy diet and the right lifestyle habits allow recovery to take place, and certain supplements can be of enormous benefit to recovery as well. Here is a look at six supplements that further the process of muscular and bodily recovery.


Exercise Breaks Down the Body

If you exercise with the intent to gain fitness, then you are engaging in a purposeful, beneficial breaking-down of bodily systems, which necessitates proper recovery. Strength training (e.g., weightlifting) tears muscle fibers, breaking them down. Strenuous exercise of any kind also causes cell damage that requires recovery and healing. It is because of the minor damage done to muscle fibers and cells, and the recovery that comes after, that strength, endurance, or fitness increases.


Recovery From Exercise

Recovery is absolutely essential in order for the body’s systems to heal from strenuous exercise, and also to gain fitness. There are guidelines supported by science for facilitating recovery; Leaving ample time between strenuous workouts, and stretching and taking care of the muscles are vitally important. Getting enough sleep consistently, and eating a varied diet with sufficient proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, are also essential for ideal bodily recovery.


Supplements for Recovery

The following supplements are recommended to aid in recovery from strenuous exercise. Each of these supplements works differently, playing different roles in the musculo-skeletal system and other bodily systems. Speak to a health professional before incorporating a new supplement into your diet.

Amino Acid complex: Amino acids are the substances which make up proteins, which are the macronutrients that contribute hugely to muscle growth and many other bodily processes. The amino acids known as leucine, isoleucine, and valine are especially important for building muscle and reducing the breakdown of muscle from exercise.

Creatine: This supplement is common among athletes, especially those looking to build muscle via weightlifting. Creatine helps increase the recovery rate of muscle cells. As a result, this can make it possible for an athlete to train more frequently. 

Calcium: Calcium is known for helping to build strong bones, but it’s also essential for muscle contraction and glycogen utilization. Calcium can aid in preventing bone degradation from exercise, which is useful for high-impact sports such as running. Supplementing with calcium is beneficial for muscles and bones alike.

Fish oil: Fish oil is beneficial for bodily recovery because of two fatty acids it contains, known as EPA and DHA. These fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce muscle soreness and pain that occurs as a result of exercise.


If you or a family member exercises often, supplements can be of great help in bolstering the effectiveness, health, and longevity of an athletic body. The above supplements can be of enormous benefit in ensuring proper and efficient recovery. Consider them in addition to the proper lifestyle measures for solid recovery.


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