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Depression Statistics in America [Infographic]

Depression Statistics in America [Infographic]

Depression is a serious problem in the United States and details about the impact depression has on our overall health continue to be researched and published. Far too frequently those experiencing depression and the other challenges associated with it feel as though they are living in darkness, separated from the rest of society, which usually further influences deeper or extended periods of these feelings.

Recent research has been released that depression is one of the top mental health challenges facing students today. In a time of their lives where they should feel like the world is at their fingertips, far too many students instead believe their life is being squished by a giant thumb of the world. Sadly, as with others caught in the gripping emotions of depression, many don't seek help when needed.

Take a look at the infographic below on a variety of stats about depression and then think about yourself and those around you. If you're feeling like many of these items apply to your outlook and your life, then speak to someone about it and get the help and support you need. If you don't feel that way about yourself, then focus back on those around. Learn to at least be aware of some of the warning signs and proactively reach out to your friends and family members that may be needing help, even if it's the littlest action of letting them know they're not alone in the struggle.

Depression statistics infographic

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