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Let Nutrition Clear Up Your Brain Fog

Posted on 18th Nov 2019 12:00:00 in Wellness & Well-being, Vitamins & Minerals, Food & Nutrition

If you ever encounter a time when your mental powers suddenly seem to go on hiatus, leaving you unable to fully concentrate, at a loss for just using the right words when in conversation, or lacking the ability to think through problems that ordinarily are a snap for you, don’t assume the worst. Don’t think you automatically are suffering from some form of dementia. The solution might be as close as your kitchen.

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Eat Your Way to Healthier Skin

Posted on 15th Nov 2019 12:00:00 in Wellness & Well-being, Vitamins & Minerals, Food & Nutrition

You are what you eat, or so we’ve been told countless times, but there is plenty of truth in that statement when it comes to deciding what to put into your mouth relevant to having healthy-looking skin. This might be hard to picture, but the skin on your body encompasses your body’s largest organ, and as such it is exposed to much potential damage from things like sunlight and air pollution. The right food and nutrients can help with that.

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Good Nutrition Can Help Keep Gums Healthy

Posted on 8th Nov 2019 12:00:00 in Wellness & Well-being, Immune System, Vitamins & Minerals, Food & Nutrition

Two trips a year to the dentist is what health care professionals have recommended for decades, the idea being to keep your teeth strong, healthy, clean, and secure in your mouth. But that’s just the half of it. There’s also the matter of taking care of your gums. If you don’t have healthy gums, you risk health problems that can turn serious, starting with the loss of your teeth no longer properly anchored in your gums.

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What Is Maca, and What Are Its Health Benefits?

Posted on 23rd Oct 2019 12:00:00 in Wellness & Well-being, Immune System, Vitamins & Minerals, Heart & Cardiovascular Health

Like many other herbs and supplements that have become popular in recent decades, maca has its roots in health and medical practices dating back thousands of years.

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Foods and Nutrients to Bolster Your Sex Life

Posted on 18th Oct 2019 12:00:00 in Wellness & Well-being, Vitamins & Minerals, Food & Nutrition

Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth and Indiana Jones sought the holy grail, but most folks would be content just to search (and, hopefully, find) a better sex life. And that begins with a healthy sex drive, which in turn starts with feeling physically and emotionally healthy. To get to that point, we need to be fueling our bodies properly, and that means consuming the right foods and nutrients.

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How Can Alfalfa Leaves Benefit my Health?

Posted on 16th Sep 2019 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Alfalfa is good for animals and it can also contribute to the healthy well-being of humans. For centuries, alfalfa, is a plant that has been cultivated as a source of feed for livestock because of its exceptional provision of nutrients, minerals and proteins, setting it apart from other feed sources. Its versatility also has made alfalfa a long-time staple as a medicinal herb for people, with its seeds and leaves available in supplement form, although its seeds can also be sprouted and eaten as alfalfa sprouts.

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What Is Royal Jelly, and What Does It Do?

Posted on 4th Sep 2019 12:00:00 in Weight Management, Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Vision & Eye Health, Wellness & Well-being

Other than buzzing folks at backyard barbecues, bees are best known for their production of honey, which serves many useful and delectable purposes at the breakfast, lunch, or dinner table. But that’s not all. Bees also give us royal jelly, a nutritional supplement adept at providing a wide variety of health benefits across the spectrum.

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What Benefits Can I Get from Magnesium?

Posted on 23rd Aug 2019 12:00:00 in Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

There should be plenty of magnesium to go around for everybody, considering that it is one of the 10 most abundant elements in the earth’s crust and is the fourth-most-prevalent mineral in the human body. Yet many people suffer from a magnesium deficiency, even if they aren’t aware of it at first. Magnesium also happens to be one of seven essential macro minerals in your body.

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Going Vegan? Make Sure You Know About These 6 Vitamins & Supplements

Posted on 6th Aug 2019 10:37:35 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Whether it’s a lifestyle or a one-month experiment, more people than ever before are going vegan. Food Revolution Network shares these global statistics as evidence:

  • Self-identifying vegans have increased by 600% over the last three years in the U.S.
  • GrubHub users chose “vegan food” 19% more in the first half of 2017 than in the first half of 2016.
  •  "Nestlé, the largest food company in the world, predicts that plant-based foods will continue to grow and … this trend is here to stay.’”

If you’re making the decision to go vegan in 2019, make sure you pay special attention to these six vitamins and supplements for vegans that can be more difficult to get adequate amounts from a plant foods diet.

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What Can I Take for Sports Nutrition?

Posted on 14th Aug 2019 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Athletes, perhaps more than any other group of people, are committed to and enthused about – some even obsessed – with learning all they can about nutrition and discovering that winning edge. The field of nutrition in the sports world has become cutting edge, with athletes – mostly those at the professional level – constantly in search of whatever nutrition will help them in their never-ending quest to be bigger, faster, stronger.

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What Can I Take and Do for My Thyroid Health?

Posted on 12th Aug 2019 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Your thyroid might not be a pain in the neck, but it is a butterfly-shaped gland that can be found at the base of your neck. Hormones produced and stored by your thyroid primarily function to regulate your growth, repair, body temperature, and metabolism. These thyroid hormones can affect nearly every cell in your body, so, yes, you need to be aware you have such a gland and that it is to be treated with TLC (thyroid loving care).

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What Can I Take to Bolster My Immune System?

Posted on 5th Aug 2019 12:00:00 in Children's Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

You can thank your lucky stars that your body came complete with an immune system. Without an immune system, think of the havoc that would be wreaked in your life fighting off microorganisms that can inflict infectious diseases. That’s not to count the likes of flu viruses and cold bugs frequently pestering you, knocking on your door trying to get in, even when you can’t see or feel them. Without an immune system, we would be left defenseless against any invading germ imaginable.

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8 Benefits You Can Get from Vitamin B-12

Posted on 24th Jun 2019 12:00:00 in Children's Health, Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Vision & Eye Health, Wellness & Well-being

Your body craves (and loves) vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin. That’s because it can deliver health benefits in a variety of ways all across the spectrum. It can help if you need a boost in red blood cells, or if you are concerned about your bone health and eventual osteoporosis, or if you need a kick to restore your emotional bounce and get you out of a nagging rainy-day funk.

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Which Natural Remedies, Supplements & Vitamins Can Treat Hemorrhoids?

Posted on 5th Jun 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Anyone who’s ever suffered from hemorrhoids shouldn’t be among those joking about them, because in truth they are no laughing matter. Hemorrhoids can be a very annoying condition, even an aggravating one, and they often are accompanied by enough pain to make even sitting a painful chore.

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Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions for a Vitamin K Deficiency

Posted on 8th May 2019 12:00:00 in Children's Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Vitamin K doesn’t get a lot of attention in the high-profile world of vitamins and minerals, but it plays a crucial role in our health, and parents of newborns are especially cognizant of this. The most important thing vitamin K does is to produce the proteins that assist the blood in clotting, thus reducing the chances of excessive bleeding both internally and externally.

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10 Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Posted on 6th May 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Hair loss isn’t just an inevitable event for most of us; it can be a life changer. For many of us, hair is a security blanket and something we like to take care of and make look good, whether male or female. What we have on top of our head is a prominent part of what we present in public, and that makes it a part of the source of our self-esteem, if not vanity.

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7 Indicators of a Vitamin A Deficiency

Posted on 23rd Apr 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Vision & Eye Health, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

When folks go shopping for vitamins that provide the most healthy bang for their bucks, they usually don’t begin with A like they do with the alphabet. That is, vitamin A isn’t regarded as one of your ‘it’ supplements these days. But it should be. Getting enough vitamin A into your body is essential for your good health; otherwise, you risk developing problems with your vision, immune system, reproduction, and even skin health, among other assorted health issues.

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Eight Ways to Support Your Liver's Health

Posted on 17th Apr 2019 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Weight Management, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Your body has an assortment of major organs, the most prominent of which are your brain and heart, and who’s going to debate that? But all of our organs require TLC, and there’s no overstating the important role that your liver plays within your body. It performs a multitude of key tasks, to include breaking down toxins so that they can be properly expelled from your bodies, as well as producing proteins, cholesterol, and bile as well as storing minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

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Eyebright: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Posted on 15th Apr 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Vision & Eye Health, Wellness & Well-being

Eyebright is a plant that belongs to the Figwort family and whose above-ground parts have been used for medicinal purposes, and this has been going on for centuries. Some claims have it that eyebright has been used for medicinal purposes since the 14th century, although its first mention in print apparently is its inclusion in a 1485 German book about herbs.

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5 Symptoms of a Vitamin E Deficiency

Posted on 10th Apr 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Vision & Eye Health, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that is classified as essential. Because it is a fat-soluble vitamin, E requires a provision of fat from the food we eat in order to be properly absorbed. That’s one more reason to no longer fear knowingly including at least some fat in our diet, a concept we’ve had hammered into our heads in recent decades, only to now know that fat is not our true enemy—sugar now wears that crown.

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10 Signs of a Vitamin D Deficiency

Posted on 25th Mar 2019 15:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

Your body doesn’t produce vitamin D on its own, but it needs plenty of it in order to function properly. Although that sounds a bit ominous and introduces a sense of urgency, the good news is that vitamin D is also known as the “sunshine vitamin.” Something to smile about, right? Sunlight is a rich source of vitamin D, so if you want to do your body some good, make it a point to get outside on a sunny day and soak up some of the rays, enjoying life as you enhance your health!

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7 Signs of a Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Posted on 11th Mar 2019 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

For years now, health-conscious people have practically flocked to their local grocery store or pharmacy to load up on vitamin B12, and they have done so for good reason. Of all the “members: of the B complex family of vitamins, and there are lots of them, B12 might be the most important. Simply put, without a sufficient supply of B12 in your body, you would not be able to function properly.

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Taking a Calm Approach to Nervous System Health

Posted on 7th Mar 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Your nervous system deserves your full attention and utmost self-care at all times. You could call it a 24/7 proposition as making sure you have a proper night’s sleep every night is crucial to the proper care of your nervous system. Maintaining your nervous system’s strength is paramount because it is the most important and yet complex system in your body, responsible for proper response to all internal and external stimuli related to various actions and emotions.

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Taking a Calm Approach to Nervous System Health

Posted on 30th Nov -0001 00:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Your nervous system deserves your full attention and utmost self-care at all times. You could call it a 24/7 proposition as making sure you have a proper night’s sleep every night is crucial to the proper care of your nervous system. Maintaining your nervous system’s strength is paramount because it is the most important and yet complex system in your body, responsible for proper response to all internal and external stimuli related to various actions and emotions.

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Klamath Blue Green Algae: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Posted on 4th Mar 2019 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

If you ever get a hankering to go searching for type of superfood that you haven’t tried before, get your adventurous spirit in gear. How about a dip in Upper Klamath Lake in southern Oregon? There, you might be able to get your hands on some of the world-renowned Klamath blue green algae, a nutritional food that contains no less than a dozen vitamins, more than 20 minerals, and an assortment of high-quality protein as well as a variety of essential amino acids.

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10 Indications of a Vitamin C deficiency

Posted on 27th Feb 2019 16:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

Anyone who has ever gotten a cold or suffered through the woes of any other viral infection – and who hasn’t? – has heard it before: You should be taking vitamin C on a regular basis to help fend off sickness. Actually, that’s pretty good advice that holds up to the science of immunity.

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Get a Caffeine-Like Energy Boost without the Caffeine

Posted on 20th Feb 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Millions of people do it every day, in many cases as soon as they get up in the morning. They fire up the coffee pot, to get that first hot, steaming cup of joe, sipping from it and waiting (not long) for that first kick in the pants they need to get a move-on. Not everyone is a coffee fan, though. Perhaps they don’t like the taste or they aren’t comfortable with what the caffeine kick does to their body, such as getting the heart to race or even get ‘jumpy.’

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How to Head Off Migraine Headaches at the Pass

Posted on 18th Feb 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

If you’re not sure if you’ve ever had a migraine headache, you probably haven’t. If you did, you surely would have remembered the experience. A real-life nightmare accompanied by symptoms that typically include some or all of the following: throbbing pain (usually on one side of the head), sensitivity to light or sound, blurred vision or visual changes known as an ‘aura,’ nausea, and vomiting.

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Fenugreek: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Posted on 15th Feb 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

We start with a quick quiz: What do nursing mothers with lactation difficulties, grown men experiencing the effects of low testosterone, diabetics looking to reduce their blood sugar levels, and anyone who eats too much and has trouble controlling their appetite have in common? All could benefit from taking nutritional supplements containing fenugreek.

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GTF Chromium: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Posted on 14th Feb 2019 12:00:00 in Weight Management, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Chromium is a mineral that is essential for your body’s nutritional needs, yet it is a hard metal that, in its natural state, is difficult for your body to absorb. Hmmm. That sounds like it could be a problem, even a contradiction of human biology, except such minerals can be chelated, or bound, to another compound to enhance its absorption capability. Such is the case with GTF chromium.

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Farmers

Posted on 11th Feb 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Announcements & News

There are a number of professions about which you could say that the work is never done, but when it comes to farmers, that’s really true. That’s even the case in this era of advanced agricultural technology, in which computers and high tech can now be found yards away from acres adorned with wheat or corn or a couple barns full of cattle, or all of that.

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Alpha Lipoic Acid: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Posted on 8th Feb 2019 12:00:00 in Weight Management, Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Alpha lipoic acid is also known as lipoic acid and thioctic acid, but whatever you choose to call it, it remains a compound found in almost every cell in your body – providing protection to those cells. Its primary role is to support your body’s normal functions by converting glucose – aka blood sugar – into the energy needed to drive those bodily functions.

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Writers and Editors

Posted on 4th Feb 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Writing for many people is a hobby, something they can do at night at home after work or on weekends in between other activities and the kids or grandkids. For hundreds of thousands if not millions, though, writing (as well as editing) is a fulltime endeavor, whether they be employed in a writing/editing position for a company or organization, or working on their own as a freelancer or independent contractor, sometimes at the home office, other times in a local coffee shop, perhaps writing a magazine article, a poem, or a book.

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Construction Workers

Posted on 30th Jan 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Construction workers are the guys and gals in hard hats grinding away whenever they’re on the clock. Between them they perform a wide variety of get-your-hands-dirty functions. These range from cleaning and preparing construction sites to digging trenches and backfilling holes to operating heavy equipment, concrete mixers, and jackhammers, at times carrying out dangerous tasks on narrow steel beams dozens of stories above the ground.

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Magnesium: Its Sources, Benefits and Uses

Posted on 29th Jan 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Properly fueling your body with the right vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients involves more than an indiscriminate cramming of favorite foods into your mouth. Yet some of us do just that, believing our body is wired to sort out everything on its own, automatically undoing the dietary mistakes we make and making sure the right minerals go to the right places in the correct amounts. It helps to know what the essential minerals are that our body needs to survive, and that starts with identifying the “major minerals,” such as magnesium.

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Mani/Pedi Trauma? Meet the Top Two Supplements for Healthy Nails!

Posted on 25th Feb 2019 10:48:21 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Ah, that first pedicure! Quite the dramatic before/after, right? And the second one… still lookin’ good! Three… Four… Five… Six…

At a certain point, you may notice the “law of diminishing returns” coming into effect. That is to say, with each manicure or pedicure, the improvements are fewer. The time at the salon becomes more about maintaining a look. And, meanwhile, your natural nails and cuticles become dry and brittle.

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Water Soluble v. Fat Soluble Vitamins: What's the Difference?

Posted on 21st Feb 2019 06:36:38 in Vitamins & Minerals

When the doctor says, “Make sure to get your vitamins,” did you know that statement isn’t nearly as generic as it sounds? In fact, there are precisely thirteen vitamins that everybody needs. Not twelve. Not fourteen. Thirteen. Having a primary or secondary deficiency in any of these thirteen vitamins could, over time, lead to serious health consequences.

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5 Vitamins That Could Be Affecting Your Oral Health

Posted on 1st Jan 2019 12:44:53 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

Dental hygiene is extremely important to maintain, however, with many foods containing a high sugar content as well as being highly acidic this can have a huge impact on our teeth. Although the damage to your teeth may sometimes be hereditary, a number of professionals, from a London dentist to your local clinic, are available to help you combat the problems you could be experiencing. However, what if we told you a way that you could prevent the problem? Here we are going to give you some top tips for vitamins that could be affecting your oral health.

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How A Lack Of Vitamins & Minerals Can Lead To Hair Loss

Posted on 31st Dec 2018 03:00:08 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

When it comes to how we eat and drink, very few of us are keeping up the balanced diets we’re regularly encouraged to adopt. For this reason, nutritional deficiencies are on the rise and while these can cause a number of different health issues, one of the most common side effects is hair loss. While the world is adapting to this growing issue with new treatments, from a hair transplant in Turkey to hair growth supplements, understanding just why you might be losing your hair and whether this is due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency is crucial to finding the right solution.

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Soldiers

Posted on 8th Jan 2019 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

The military lives and breathes on maxims and mottos, and one of them often heard around posts and bases is “being fit to fight with what we have.” As you might have guessed, the biggest piece when it comes to being fit is physical fitness. Whether you are in the army, marines, air force, or navy, a big chunk of your time involves staying in tiptop shape to handle the rigors of your various tasks and missions.

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Firefighters

Posted on 2nd Jan 2019 06:00:00 in Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

Being a firefighter is about more than sliding down a pole, holding onto a firetruck while racing to the scene of a fire, manning a high-pressure hose, rapidly climbing ladders, running up flights of stairs, breaking down doors and other obstacles with an axe, and dodging incredibly hot flames while rescuing trapped people. A lot more, which helps explain that living the life of a firefighter 24/7 is a risk-filled challenge not for the faint of heart.

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Teachers

Posted on 26th Dec 2018 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Being a teacher is a noble profession, but it is one that comes with potential for stress (and anxiety), long days and some nights and weekends on your feet, and, for elementary school teachers especially, a lot of time on the move with hustle and bustle. The job often requires teachers to stand for hours at a time, which can be brutal on the back and feet. Teachers must be able to handle pressure (of students, administrators, and parents), maintain a sharp mind, and have the energy and endurance to survive the long haul.

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7 Creative Ways to Remember to Take Your Vitamins!

Posted on 7th Jan 2019 07:43:36 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

We believe in vitamins and supplements. We buy them. We open the packages and line up the bottles in medicine cabinets and kitchen pantries. And then we forget to take them. It’s not that we don’t want to take our vitamins and supplements, it’s just that life somehow gets in the way. In the medical world, doctors call this “medication nonadherence,” and it’s an issue that’s challenged patients and health providers for decades.

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Kosher-Certified Supplements: What, Why & How!

Posted on 31st Dec 2018 06:34:39 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

You take vitamins and supplements because you want to be the healthiest version of yourself, right? So, why settle for just any supplement when you can take kosher-certified supplements? At Wonder Labs, we believe in providing your family with the highest quality products possible, which is one reason why we offer a wide array of kosher-certified vitamins and supplements.

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Fish Oil | Reap the Benefits for Your Health

Posted on 17th Dec 2018 06:00:00 in Children's Health, Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

The first thing you need to know about fish oil is that it is one of the most frequently consumed dietary supplements, and it contains an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, which can boost your health in many ways. All you must do is give fish oil a chance, whether it be eating some of the many types of fish that contain fish oil (such as lake trout, sardines, salmon, oysters, various types of tuna, swordfish, anchovies, and herring, among others) or adding it as a daily supplement to your diet. Then watch it go to work inside your body.

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Could Heartburn Relief Affect Your Body's B12 Absorption?

Posted on 10th Dec 2018 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Previously in this space, we discussed vitamin B12 and the important roles it plays on multiple levels in supporting our health. A deficiency of B12 can lead to all sorts of problems, starting on a basic level with tiredness, weakness, constipation and anemia, while a long-term deficiency can ultimately lead to nerve damage and dementia, even gait disturbance, among other life-changing conditions to be avoided.

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Time to Gear Up for Cold & Flu Season: Part I

Posted on 16th Nov 2018 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

Now that November is in full swing, and the leaves are dead and gone, and the chill is permeating the air, our thoughts turn to holiday season dinners, buying gifts for others, and, unfortunately, dreading the arrival of cold and flu season – unless you are already in the throes of one or the other, and don’t feel like doing anything but curling up in bed and trying to get some shuteye.

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Iodine -- Its Sources, Benefits and Uses | Featured Product

Posted on 13th Nov 2018 04:00:00 in Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

Most of the various vitamins, minerals, and elements that you need to survive and thrive are naturally manufactured by your body. Then there are some substances vital to your well-being that you need to provide for yourself, either through your diet or supplements. One of those is iodine, an essential trace element. You don’t need a lot but what your body does need is vital, especially in regard to your thyroid gland.

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Got Brain Fog? Here's How to 'Lift' It

Posted on 2nd Nov 2018 07:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Many of us have on occasion been hit with brain fog, a temporary condition in which we have trouble concentrating or remembering things, perhaps even feeling a sense of haziness that tells us we aren’t hitting on all cognitive cylinders. Our minds feel clouded. Staying focused suddenly becomes a challenge, and processing information becomes a chore.

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Tea for Two, but Are Alleged Health Benefits True?

Posted on 24th Oct 2018 12:00:00 in Weight Management, Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Let’s cut to the chase by answering the question posed in the title of this article. Yes, the alleged health benefits are true, or at least appear to be true, but such a declaration comes with several caveats. One qualifier is that not all teas sold on the market are real teas – those being ones derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. Plus, actual testing of tea’s beneficial potencies has been limited to animals and not humans, so we can’t quite say ‘yeah’ with 100 percent confidence.

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If We Made Supplements Out of Almonds

Posted on 22nd Oct 2018 07:32:51 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

When it comes to a nutritious, energy-packed snack, it’s hard to do better than the almond. When you snack on a handful of raw almonds (just say, “No,” to the salted and honey-glazed varieties!), you aren’t just getting an energy boost; you’re also fueling your body with much-needed vitamins and minerals.

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Infographic: Essential Vitamin Benefits and Other Things to Know

Posted on 10th Oct 2018 07:37:50 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

There are 13 essential vitamins all-in-all. Do you know what they are? Do you know if they are water soluble or fat soluble? What's the difference? Do you know how much you need as compared to your spouse? What about the best natural source of getting the vitamins in your food diet? Or, what about signs you should look for in the event you think you might have a deficiency in one of these essential vitamins? Well, it's all right here in this infographic created by the folks over at

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Dandelion Root -- Its Sources, Benefits and Uses

Posted on 16th Oct 2018 12:00:00 in Weight Management, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

To some homeowners, a dandelion is nothing more than an annoying weed that so rudely populates his or her yard for a brief spell once a year. Others a bit more romantic at heart are enraptured by the bright yellow hue of the budding plant. But what many members of both of these demographics might not know is that dandelion root has long been a staple of the herbal remedy market, known for its properties of stimulating the appetite, promoting digestion, and acting as a laxative.

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Pumpkin Seeds Can Sprout Health Benefits for You

Posted on 18th Oct 2018 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

With Halloween just a couple weeks away, what better way to conclude this three-part series on nutritional seed supplements by carving out some time to talk about pumpkin seeds? One good thing to know about pumpkin seeds right off the bat is that they are alkaline-forming, per, which means consumption of them can go a long way toward balancing out your body’s pH levels in a world full of acidic foods. Think, for example, gooey or hard candy that will make its ways into millions of kids’ trick-or-treating bags.

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If We Made Supplements Out of Pistachios

Posted on 2nd Oct 2018 10:14:42 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

Let’s just say we’d cover a lot of the basics. Pistachios are rich in many critical nutrients that provide the body with energy and reduce inflammation. Rich in nutrients, pistachios are also rich in history. So, if we tried to break down the pistachio into its individual components, what would we find? The chemical picture might look something like this…

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Could You Have a Vitamin C Deficiency? Take this Quiz

Posted on 27th Sep 2018 06:06:15 in Vitamins & Minerals

From repairing tissues to boosting the immune system, vitamin C plays a critical role in the human body. While vitamin C deficiencies aren’t extremely common among most populations in the U.S. today, they can occur. Individuals most at risk for vitamin C deficiency include:

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'Z' is for Zinc Deficiency: Health, Nutrition & Supplements A to Z

Posted on 12th Sep 2018 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Vision & Eye Health, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

Now we come to the end of the first round in our A to Z series, which brings us to one of the more interesting topics when it comes to health and supplementation. Nowadays, when we think of zinc, one of the minerals essential to our bodies, we think of those lozenges we are advised to start taking when we feel a cold coming on, with zinc ranking right up there with vitamin C when it comes to dealing with colds.

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Still Taking the Fight to Alzheimers Disease

Posted on 18th Sep 2018 08:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Announcements & News

September is World’s Alzheimer’s Month, and now that September has arrived, this is as good a time as any to pick up this fight where we left off – seeking solutions that will someday, hopefully, lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s disease (as well as all forms of dementia). Until then, medical science stays in hot pursuit of finding healthy ways to fend off Alzheimer’s as long as we can and to slow down its progression as much as possible.

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What Does 'Standardized' Mean on Ingredient Labels?

Posted on 27th Aug 2018 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

When it comes to buying food and other groceries, it’s good to know what you are buying and what it’s for in regard to your health and nutrition. That includes nutritional supplements. It’s also nice to know if what you are planning to buy is the real thing and if it meets a quality standard that assures us we are getting what we think we are getting. That’s where standardization of product comes in, and that’s why product labeling is so important.

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The Best Sources and Benefits of Potassium

Posted on 14th Aug 2018 12:00:00 in Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Potassium is the third-most plentiful mineral in your body, and that’s a really good thing because it’s a mineral that provides numerous healthy benefits for your body. Not only is potassium an electrolyte, one of about a half-dozen that are essential to our well-being, it also serves a multitude of core function that include regulating your body’s balance of fluids while also controlling the heart’s electrical activity, preserving bone mineral intensity, and decreasing the unwanted formation of kidney stones.

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Meet Chlorella: Another Superfood to Embrace

Posted on 10th Aug 2018 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

Periodically in this space we write about various “superfoods,” ones that pack a wallop nutritionally and can tackle an assortment of health-related issues, making us feel better inside and out. Most of the time when we discuss such superfoods, we talk about stuff that is above ground or at least in the ground when it gets harvested. Today, we’re going to stick our heads in the water, and below the surface we see a type of freshwater algae known as chlorella. Yeah, it’s worthy of “super food” status as well.

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How Electrolytes Keep Your Body Functioning As Needed

Posted on 8th Aug 2018 12:00:00 in Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

We all know what it feels like to get an electrical shock, like when we experience a buildup of static electricity and then touch something made of metal (shocking us in more ways than one). Not a pleasant experience, although electrical charges are not alien to our normal function as human beings. Many of your body’s processes depend on a small electric current to operate, and substances known as electrolytes provide this charge while interacting with each other as well as cells in our tissues, nerves, and muscles.

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Vitamins & Supplements for Breastfeeding Moms

Posted on 1st Aug 2018 08:02:03 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Did you know that August is National Breastfeeding Month? This week we’re celebrating moms and moms-to-be around the globe with a comprehensive guide to the best vitamins and supplements for breastfeeding mothers.

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What are the Best Vitamins for Treating Psoriasis?

Posted on 3rd Aug 2018 12:57:59 in Vitamins & Minerals

Did you know that more than eight million people in the U.S. have psoriasis? This August, in honor of Psoriasis Awareness Month, we’re taking a closer look at how vitamins and supplements may be able to help the millions of individuals affected by this genetic skin disease.

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The 5 Supplements That Should Be In Every Traveler’s Bag

Posted on 23rd Jul 2018 12:48:04 in Wellness & Well-being, Vitamins & Minerals

You’ve dreamed. You’ve saved. You’ve planned. You’ve packed. Your vacation’s finally here… but have you thought of everything? Nothing can ruin a trip quite like illness or exhaustion. That’s why we’ve put together this list of five supplements that should be in every traveler’s carry-on! Never leave home without these.

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1 in 8 Women Will Get Breast Cancer. These Supplements May Help

Posted on 20th Jul 2018 12:12:18 in Vitamins & Minerals

Approximately one in eight women in the U.S. “will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime,” reports Aside from lung cancer, breast cancer death rates are higher than any other cancer for women in the U.S. While many women with a family history are aware of their risk (and get screened), it’s important to point out that approximately 85% of cases occur in women with no family history.

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Boron Can Be a Boon for Men's and Women's Health

Posted on 10th Jul 2018 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Boron is a trace mineral naturally found in some foods, and it is an “equal opportunity” micronutrient at that – that is, it has some properties especially unique to women’s health and yet is also embraced by athletic men for how it can boost bone density and testosterone, making it helpful for male athletes such as power lifters and bodybuilders looking to develop muscle mass.

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Vitamin D Is Your Sunshine in a Bottle

Posted on 9th Jul 2018 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for bone growth and bone health, among its other functions, but it is not something naturally produced by our bodies in significant quantity. There are few foods with significant amounts of Vitamin D in them to give us as much as our body needs and uses. Our body will produce some vitamin D when our skin is exposed to the sun and it absorbs the ultraviolet B radiation, which is why it gets the nickname of "sunshine vitamin", but still not enough in quantity. So we generally need to rely on supplements to get enough vitamin D.

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A Look at Omega-3 Sources Other Than Fatty Fish

Posted on 5th Jul 2018 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Not everyone is a fan of fatty fish or any other kind of seafood, for that matter, but we all can benefit, especially heart health-wise, by sticking to a diet that includes ample omega-3s. The question then becomes: how can we get a good supply of omega-3s without eating fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, or sardines?

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Life is Healthier with a Cherry (or Cherries) on Top

Posted on 4th Jul 2018 12:00:00 in Weight Management, Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries, as most of us well know, but a bowl of cherries is, well, a bowl of cherries. They enhance our health, no question. Cherries are a fruit that can provide us many health benefits, thanks to a potent makeup that includes plenty of fiber, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds, making the small, red fruits one of the healthiest foods around, even when topping a thick, delicious calories-laden milkshake.

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How Ginger Provides Nutritional Support for Your Body

Posted on 14th Jun 2018 12:00:00 in Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Many of us grew up being force-fed, or to put it kindly, spoon-fed, when Mom was trying to heal us from a cold or fever or upset stomach or indeterminate pain somewhere that needed her attention in order for the whimpering to stop. In those days, the worst a remedy tasted, the more effective it was in treating the illness or infirmity. That didn’t make it any easier going down the hatch. Then came ginger.

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Vitamins, Minerals, Adaptogens and Herbs, Oh My!

Posted on 13th Jun 2018 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Over the years and several times on a weekly basis, we aim to fill your cup, mug, or bowl with a wealth of knowledge about health, nutrition, and supplements. There is a lot to cover, and research and trends are always broaching new subjects to be looked at. Over time we delve into hundreds of vitamins, minerals, herbs, adaptogens, nutrients, etc. and how they all relate to our general health and bodily functions. It all can be a bit overwhelming.

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Keep Your Digestive System Healthy with Papaya and Pineapple

Posted on 6th Jun 2018 12:00:00 in Wellness & Well-being, Vitamins & Minerals, Food & Nutrition

Trends are an ongoing thing in health and nutrition. One recent trend is the growing belief that our gut and digestive health play a central role in determining our overall health. How our gut goes, so goes the rest of our body. Think of your gut and digestive system as the core of your health processes, sort of like nuclear power plants with their nuclear cores.

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7 Reasons Why You Need Borage Oil In Your Life

Posted on 1st Jun 2018 05:35:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

With its rough prickly leaves, borage may not look like the kind of plant that’s going to make your life more comfortable. But this annual herb – when processed into a highly concentrated oil – has some incredibly powerful benefits that have been respected since before the first century.

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5 Supplements You Need TODAY for Dry Scalp!

Posted on 31st May 2018 07:31:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

If your itchy dry scalp is still lingering, it’s time to take action and do something about it. There are many factors, in addition to cold air, that can cause dry scalp, including stress, certain shampoos and hair products, and dietary deficiencies.

In addition to switching up hair products, many people are turning to vitamins and supplements for dry scalp! Here are a few of the best vitamins for dry scalp.

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What Is Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) and What's It For?

Posted on 11th May 2018 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Over the last couple of months, we have been featuring in this space a series on the various B-complex vitamins. Now we come to what might be the most complex of the B vitamins when you consider all the significant roles it plays in maintaining and, as needed, improving our health.

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What is Vitamin B7 (Biotin) and What's It Good For?

Posted on 9th May 2018 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

As we continue onto the next rung of the ladder in our intermittent series on B-complex vitamins, we now come to vitamin B7, otherwise known as biotin. This is a water-soluble vitamin that, among other things, acts as a catalyst for a variety of metabolic reactions programmed to extract energy in our bodies. Because vitamin B7 is water soluble, it is in constant need of replenishment, and that’s up to us.

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Men, Muscles and Minerals - Optimizing Your Workout

Posted on 8th May 2018 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Going it alone without nutritional supplementation can be difficult for any man committed to a hard and/or heavy workout regimen – regardless of age, workout goals, or type of workout regimen. Many adolescent males and those in their 20s and some even into their 30 are virile, strong, and teeming with energy. Beyond that, though, things start to decline in terms of energy and muscle mass, among other factors.

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What is Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) and What's It For?

Posted on 3rd May 2018 12:00:00 in Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

Vitamin B6, with pyridoxine as its main ingredient, is a water-soluble vitamin known to be helpful in treating an assortment of health-related problems. These range from issues of the heart to those of the skin as well as those related to depression and the nervous system. Even then, that doesn’t account for all the good that B6 can do for us, or for that matter all the complications we could face if we don’t have enough of it in our bodies.

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Fruit for Your Health (Not Just an Apple a Day)

Posted on 2nd May 2018 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

An apple a day may (or may not) keep the doctor away, but the odds go up in your favor if you eat an assortment of healthy fruits daily. Start with a variety of berries, such as blueberries, strawberries, bilberries, and blackberries. Better yet, there are many fruit-based nutritional supplements worth getting your hands on, and that means not having to find berry bushes to pick from (although that can be fun, too.)

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The Woman's Workout - Making the Most of Your Gym Time

Posted on 23rd Apr 2018 16:00:00 in Weight Management, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Women who work out regularly, as well as those who plan to get to that point soon, pretty much know what they need in hand before they head to the gym. For starters—proper apparel suitable for lots of sweating to go with all that stretching, twisting, lifting, and/or cardio, as well as a multi-function watch as well as a towel (if one not provided). More importantly, though, there is the matter of proper nutritional supplementation to help fuel the body as well as to aid in bodily recovery and repair.

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What Is Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) and What's It Good For?

Posted on 17th Apr 2018 12:00:00 in Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Sometimes the best way to describe a vitamin or other supplement is by explaining what happens when you don’t have enough of it in your body. All vitamins and supplements tout a variety of benefits, but what sets vitamin B5 apart from most other vitamins is how a B5 deficiency can produce a relatively uncommon and positively irritating symptom known as “burning foot” syndrome.

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Whatever Happened to Vitamins B4, B8, B10, and B11?

Posted on 12th Apr 2018 06:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Announcements & News

Anyone who’s even half-serious about taking vitamins, to include knowing what’s in the multivitamin they (presumably) take daily, should be familiar with the “big three” of the Vitamin B complex family – vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), and B3 (niacin). Together, they comprise a powerful trio of nutrients covering a wide range of health benefits, ranging from addressing digestive issues (vitamin B1) to boosting energy (Vitamin B2) to bolstering brain function (Vitamin B3).

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6 Things Everyone's Asking About Multivitamins

Posted on 10th Apr 2018 07:00:51 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

In recent years, multivitamins have surged in popularity, making their way into the daily routines of many health conscious consumers. As an increasing number of people become interested in the potential benefits of a daily multivitamin, many people have questions. Today, we’d like to take a moment to answer some of those top questions about multivitamins.

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5 Mistakes You Might Be Making In Storing Your Vitamins

Posted on 4th Apr 2018 07:58:56 in Vitamins & Minerals

If you’ve ever read the fine print on a bottle of vitamins, then you may have noticed that there are often specific storage instructions. Unfortunately, many consumers make these five mistakes when it comes to storing their vitamins. Take a minute to double-check your practices!

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These Vitamins May Reduce Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Posted on 26th Mar 2018 12:30:27 in Vitamins & Minerals

This March, in honor of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, we need to talk about a subject many adults would prefer to avoid. While you might not want to face it, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. among cancers that affect both men and women. Sadly, more than 50,000 Americans die from colorectal cancer each year. Many cases could be prevented through regular screening.

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'I' Is for Iodine: Health, Nutrition & Supplements A to Z

Posted on 2nd Apr 2018 08:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Immune System

For many of us, especially those of us over the age of, say, 40, when we think of iodine, we remember getting scrapes and bruises as a kid, after which Mom would dab on iodine as an antiseptic. The idea was to keep us from getting an infection, so the healing process could begin unencumbered. But there’s so much more to iodine and the benefits it can provide – so much more.

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The Benefits of Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and Where to Get It

Posted on 29th Mar 2018 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

There are many supplements on the market that can do one or maybe even a couple of things well in benefiting our health. Then there are some that can apparently accomplish many things well. One of the latter is vitamin B3, also known as niacin, which is often recommended by personal physicians as an over-the-counter remedy when advising patients with high cholesterol and at risk eventually for heart disease.

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'H' is for Hormone Support: Health, Nutrition & Supplements A to Z

Posted on 23rd Mar 2018 16:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Hormones don’t ride bikes around the insides of our bodies delivering envelopes that carry messages from sender to receiver, but they are messengers that do something even more important. They help keep us alive by carrying chemical messages as part of the endocrine system, traveling via the bloodstream, their destination tissues and organs while serving a role of regulating most of our body’s major systems.

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The Benefits of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and Where to Get It

Posted on 22nd Mar 2018 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

If you’re feeling low on energy these days (and maybe that’s the last thing you need with spring starting to sprout), then it could be your tank is running low on vitamin B2 (also known as riboflavin). Our bodies need a daily intake of vitamin B2, a water-soluble vitamin that has a significant role in energy production and is an essential nutrient in our diets.

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The Benefits of Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) and Where to Get It

Posted on 19th Mar 2018 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Vitamin B1, also known as thiamin, is considered an essential nutrient for our bodies because tissues need B1 to function properly. It is a water-soluble nutrient, and it plays a key role in helping our body turn consumed food into energy – that is, it metabolizes it, thus working to fuel our engine . . . to keep us running on down the road, so to speak.

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'E' Is for Electrolytes: Health, Nutrition & Supplements A to Z

Posted on 22nd Feb 2018 16:00:00 in Heart & Cardiovascular Health, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

As athletes – which many of us are in one respect or another, knock on wood – we learned in the early going the importance of staying hydrated, i.e. drinking plenty of water, which is especially important when performing activities that leave us soaked in sweat. Then came the realization that hydrating with just water might not be enough. Now, we’ve been told – and perhaps reluctantly we concur, we also need to stay replenished with electrolytes.

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Meet Your Skin's New Best Friend: Hyaluronic Acid

Posted on 18th Feb 2018 06:42:36 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

“Acid” might sound like a strange companion for healthy skin, but in the case of hyaluronic acid (HA), few things are better for dry, aging skin. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that’s highly concentrated in your body’s eyes and joints. It’s produced in both the human body and animals. (In fact, the hyaluronic acid taken in supplement form is often derived from a rooster’s comb!)

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4 Reasons Why Sublingual Vitamins Are So Beneficial

Posted on 16th Feb 2018 07:34:38 in Vitamins & Minerals

From injections to patches to pills and more, there are many ways to get vitamins into your system. But when it comes to ease, cost, and a few other factors, it’s hard to beat sublingual delivery. Sublingual, which means “beneath the tongue,” is a popular way to take several vitamins and supplements – primarily Vitamin B12 and melatonin. When taking a sublingual tablet, you simply place the tablet beneath the tongue, where it dissolves and enters the bloodstream directly.

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements to Support the Glands

Posted on 31st Jan 2018 10:30:00 in Weight Management, Vitamins & Minerals, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

Our body’s glands, small in stature but large in function, comprise the endocrine system. Their chief role is to produce and secrete chemical substances known as hormones that regulate our cells’ and organs’ activities. In a sense, the endocrine system acts as our body’s thermostat, as described by, similar to how wall-mounted thermostats in the home control room temperature.

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Enzymes Break Down and Process Food During Digestion

Posted on 29th Jan 2018 11:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

The more we know about how our bodies really work, the more amazing these wondrous human mechanisms make themselves out to be. Take digestion, for instance. There’s more to it than sticking food in our mouths, chewing it and then letting it fuel our bodies before what’s left over departs our bodies as waste.

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A Stranger Buys Woman All the Prenatal Vitamins She’ll Need

Posted on 23rd Dec 2017 17:21:53 in Vitamins & Minerals

There’s something about the holiday season that just primes us for heartwarming stories of kindness and charity, right? Well, a few weeks ago a first-time mom with just two months left in her pregnancy took to Reddit, where she asked for help in locating affordable prenatal vitamins and a breast pump.

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements to Support Prostate Health

Posted on 27th Dec 2017 15:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

For something so small and hidden inside a male’s body, about the size of a walnut and tucked below the bladder and in front of the rectum, the prostate gland sure packs a big wallop. It is part of the male reproductive system and surrounds a portion of the urethra, which is the tube inside the penis that transports urine away form the bladder, per

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements to Support Ears and Hearing

Posted on 5th Dec 2017 10:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

More than 350 million people around the world suffer from moderate to severe hearing loss. The sources of such loss include loud noises, infectious diseases, aging, and the use of certain drugs. Not surprisingly, it has been estimated that about 50 percent of these hearing-loss cases were avoidable, per Hearing-protective devices could have been worn, and in some cases dietary habits over time could have made a difference.

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Male Reproductive System

Posted on 7th Dec 2017 10:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

This is the desire of every adult male who wishes to engage in sexual activity: that he always be at the peak of his sexual prowess without worry of lost stamina, erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, or any other condition that might lead to diminished performance in the bedroom. The good news for men is that they need not leave their sexual reproductive system to chance, that they can do something about it through good nutrition buoyed by the right vitamins and supplements.

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What Vitamins Should Weightlifters Take for Gains?

Posted on 30th Nov 2017 08:10:20 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

If you’re looking to build muscle, you’ve probably found no shortage of protein powder and creatine resources. But it can be a little more difficult to find the best vitamin and mineral supplements for weightlifting. Of course, having the right supplements is essential for building muscle, turning food into useful energy, and protecting your overall health.

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Vitamin B12: 4 Surprising Truths That Will Change How You Look at Health

Posted on 28th Nov 2017 10:54:05 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

You’ve definitely heard of vitamin B12. And you may even know that Vitamin B12 is neither made by plants or animals, but comes from microorganisms in the soil! Today on the WonderLabs Blog, we’re excited to share with you four surprising truths about Vitamin B12 that most people have never heard.

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements to Support the Liver

Posted on 3rd Dec 2017 15:30:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

The liver is our largest and heaviest (weighing in at three pounds) internal organ, as one might expect considering the vital functions it performs on our behalf. Its central role is to process whatever we consume – whether it be food or drink – either metabolizing it for our body to use or eliminating it as waste. Also, the liver stores vitamins and works 24/7 to help detoxify our body.

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements to Support Healthy Skin

Posted on 10th Nov 2017 13:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Taking proper care of our skin is not necessarily just an act of vanity for beauty’s sake; it’s also a health issue – a serious one if we let it get out of hand. There’s the matter of accelerated aging of the skin if we eat too much food that is processed or low in nutrition, as well as other harmful factors such as stress and toxins. There’s also the specter of inflammation, cell damage, etc. as it relates to conditions and diseases of the skin ranging from cellulitis to shingles.

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements to Support a Healthy Skeletal System

Posted on 3rd Nov 2017 15:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Just a few days removed from Halloween and the annual parade of costumes, many of which were scary, we have an image in our heads as to what a skeleton looks like – a human-shaped structure of bones that appears sinister and able to do some damage.

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The Best Vitamins and Supplements to Support a Healthy Nervous System

Posted on 2nd Nov 2017 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Our nervous system is always on the job, 24/7, 365 days a year (or 366 days in a leap year). Every breath we take, every time our heart beats, every time a thought enters our head, our nervous system is hard at work and playing a role. It’s no wonder we can’t afford for our nervous system to ever take a day (or an hour or a minute) off, and with that goes the responsibility to keep our nervous system properly fueled. It needs TLC and a steady supply of healthy nutrients as well.

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Diet and Nutrition: From A to Z

Posted on 7th Sep 2017 11:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals

Knowing what foods to eat and which supplements to take to optimize your health can be overwhelming. Let us help break down some of that for you. Here’s an alphabetized summary of 26 healthy foods and supplements to keep/put on your list. Let this be your guide to smarter grocery shopping and better health:

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Why Expectant Moms Should Take Prenatal Vitamins

Posted on 1st Sep 2017 16:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

A common realization among pregnant women – and perhaps also women planning to get pregnant – is that there are two mouths to feed, and that’s even before you start counting other human beings living in the same household.


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Vitamins A, D, E and K: The Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Posted on 31st Aug 2017 10:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

There are two types of vitamins: water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins, and they differ from one another. Whereas the water-soluble types of vitamins dissolve in water when ingested, fat-soluble vitamins – which are most plentiful in foods high in fats – are absorbed into our bloodstream when eaten with fat and are eventually stored in our bodies, primarily in the liver.


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Never Underestimate Potassium’s Powerful Benefits

Posted on 22nd Aug 2017 15:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

A banana a day might not actually keep the doctor forever away – neither can an apple a day, for that matter, not really – but the potassium that ingesting bananas brings us goes a long way toward keeping us sound of body and mind. It’s not just the bananas, either; as recently illustrated in another blog that appeared here; potassium has many sources and it’s up to us to keep ourselves sufficiently supplied.

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What is Potassium and What Are Its Best Sources?

Posted on 17th Aug 2017 13:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Potassium is one of the most abundant minerals in our body – says it is the third most abundant, in fact. For those who have purposed to go looking for a supplemental source to help with, say, their cardiovascular health, the direction in which they are most often pointed are bananas. Bananas and lowering high blood pressure, for instance, go hand in hand, although potassium is readily available through many other sources, and its health benefits extend well beyond just the heart.

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The Oceans Are Filled with Resources for Health

Posted on 7th Aug 2017 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

There is plenty of truth to the old saying about “water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” Our oceans are made up of saltwater, which we all (should) know isn’t potable, unless your fun idea of quenching your thirst is chugging down the salty stuff without regard to sanity or health. Yet there still is plenty to love about what our oceans offer in terms of nutrients and healthy foods that can benefit us in numerous ways.

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Magnesium, Manganese and Methylcobalamin for Your Health

Posted on 28th Jul 2017 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Hundreds of nutritional supplements are available in the marketplace; sometimes it’s nearly impossible to figure out what’s best for whatever health benefit(s) you seek. To cut down on any confusion, we’re here to present a partial solution that's easy to remember. When in doubt, go with these three M’s – magnesium, manganese and methylcobalamin. Each can do many things to preserve or benefit your health.


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Vitamin D with Probiotics Helps Populate Friendly Bacteria

Posted on 26th Jul 2017 15:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Vitamin D often has been referred to as the “sunshine vitamin.” Why? Because its chief natural source is sunshine. If you have a vitamin D deficiency, some added exposure to the sun’s rays can be helpful – as long as it’s not overdone, as in overcooked with a painfully pink sunburn to show for it.


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What Do Minerals Do for the Human Body?

Posted on 24th Jul 2017 11:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Without minerals, our cells wouldn’t be able to function properly, and without properly functioning cells, we would be in a world of hurt. Minerals are inorganic substances that naturally occur in water, rocks and soils, and work their way into plants and animals. Rocks and soils are not on our recommended daily consumption list, but we can get what we need by eating plant-based food and the meat from animals who likewise eat plants, as well as from water, per


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CoQ10's Use and Popularity as Supplement on the Rise

Posted on 4th Jul 2017 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals

Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10, is an antioxidant that cells need so they can function properly. What the coenzyme does is help cells manufacture the energy necessary to grow and thrive while also fighting against free radicals that can damage cell membranes. No wonder CoQ10 is so popular as a supplement; in fact, it has been touted by NASDAQ’s Globe Newswire, per, as the supplement that will account for $849.5 million of the $36.7 billion supplement industry within three years.

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What’s in My Energy Drink?

Posted on 29th Jun 2017 16:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Anyone who grabs one of those energy drinks that typically come in a can pretty much knows what they are getting out of it – an hours-long jolt of energy, improved athletic performance and enhanced mental acuity. What you get out of it is not the question, though; it’s what goes into these energy drinks that remain somewhat of a mystery with some drink manufacturers, not to say the risk of possible side effects tied into the ingredients involved.

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What Is Coral Calcium and What Are Its Health Benefits?

Posted on 19th Jun 2017 10:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Our bodies need a regular and abundant influx of calcium in order to survive – it is vital for our bones and teeth, for one thing – and one of the best sources of calcium is coral calcium, also known as calcium carbonate. This is a compound found in limestone deposits that at one time were part of coral reefs and now are fossilized coral. Okinawa is recognized as the world’s best source of coral calcium, although it also is relatively plentiful in parts of Brazil.

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Omega-3 Fights Alzheimer’s by Increasing Blood Flow

Posted on 16th Jun 2017 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel, have been shown to reduce or even eliminate blood vessel blockage by remove existing deposits and preventing new deposits from forming. Essentially, by thus improving blood flow within our bodies, omega-3 can bolster our overall health in several areas, to include possibly reducing the chances of our developing Alzheimer’s disease.

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How Can Nutrition Help Women Through Menopause?

Posted on 15th Jun 2017 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

Most women, even those in their 20s or 30s, have heard of menopause and have a general idea of what it entails; they’ve heard the “horror” stories. Still, when menopausal symptoms appear in their mid-40s to early 50s, they might not have a clue at first what is happening, or why. Perhaps their periods start changing, or they’re not sleeping well at night, or they experience “hot flashes” and notice some weight gain around the middle. All this, even though they haven’t changed their lifestyle or dietary habits. It can be scary.

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What Are the Health Problems Linked to Vitamin A Deficiency?

Posted on 5th Jun 2017 11:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals, Vision & Eye Health

Vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin (the first such vitamin discovered, in 1913, per that also is a potent antioxidant, is an essential part of our daily diet, in large part because it is not manufactured by the human body. Our body depends on us to supply it with Vitamin A through what we eat. Vitamin A is important for maintaining the health of our eyes and eyesight, healthy and clear skin, proper bone growth, facilitating cell differentiation and supporting our immune system against infections, especially in the mucous membranes for the digestive, respiratory and urinary tracts.

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What Do Minerals Do in the Human Body?

Posted on 30th May 2017 10:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Immune System, Wellness & Well-being

Minerals are inorganic materials found in rocks and soils, and our bodies wouldn’t be able to survive without them. Of the more than 100 known minerals in existence, at least 18 of them are essential to our good health. Seven of them are classified essential minerals, also known as “macro-minerals”: calcium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, sodium and chloride.

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What’s the Difference Between Vitamins and Supplements?

Posted on 16th May 2017 12:00:00 in Food & Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

“Vitamins” and “supplements” often are used interchangeably in everyday speech when it comes to discussing health and dietary concerns, but the truth is they are not one and the same. The line between vitamins and supplements sometimes gets blurred; both are ingestibles involved in regulating or improving our overall health. It’s important to know, though, the difference between the two to ensure that you use them properly without going to excess.

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Niacin Is No Mystery When It Comes to Our Health

Posted on 14th Apr 2017 22:21:11 in Vitamins & Minerals, Wellness & Well-being

It’s a name of a nutrient we’ve heard of for years, but it’s somewhat of an unknown for anyone who hasn’t had it recommended to them by a doctor. It sounds like, but is not to be confused, with Anacin (although both can be useful treating headaches) and it’s not an abbreviated form of nitroglycerin (heart issues). Niacin, its true identity revealed, is also known as Vitamin B3, a water-soluble compound with a wide range of uses. It can benefit the digestive system, skin and nervous system, and is also used to lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

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Vitamin D and Me: A Winning Twosome

Posted on 30th Mar 2017 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals

Just the thought of body fat makes most of us cringe, but there's another way of looking at it instead of just seeing that image of belly fat popping out and hanging over the beltline. Body fat can play a vital role in making sure we get the Vitamin D that we need. Vitamin D is one of the most versatile vitamins around, capable of helping to optimize our health in so many ways, and all it takes is a little bit of sunshine.

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Vitamin K Is A-OK for Numerous Reasons

Posted on 19th Jan 2017 10:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin K has been referred to as "the forgotten vitamin" because its major benefits tend to get ignored or not even acknowledged because other vitamins with "bigger names," such as Vitamins C and D, hog all the headlines and have gotten more press over the years. But if we take a closer look at all that Vitamin K – which has several forms – does for our body, it would be remiss to overlook it any further.

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Be Serious about Vitamin B12

Posted on 2nd Jan 2017 12:00:54 in Vitamins & Minerals

Rarely does a week go by that we don’t see or hear something about which vitamin or vitamins is most important to our health or overall well-being. It’s easy to get lost in alphabet soup when it comes to touts of Vitamin A or Vitamin D, or if we need more of Vitamin E for the good of our heart or Vitamin C for the good of our fighting a cold. And what are we to make of this Vitamin K which has emerged as a trending vitamin?

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Here Comes the Sun: Good News for Vitamin D Deficiency

Posted on 29th Dec 2016 12:33:21 in Vitamins & Minerals

"Get out and get some sun" has long been a popular suggestion aimed at those we care about. Perhaps they have been cooped up inside the house too long or are letting their ornery side show through a bit too much.

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Vitamin C's Benefits Come in from the Cold

Posted on 9th Dec 2016 12:00:00 in Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin C's reputation as a popular weapon in the never-ending battle against the common cold dates back decades. What most of Vitamin's C loyalists and advocates might not realize, though, is that ascorbic acid—another name for C—has been a staunch fighter on our health's behalf going back centuries. That takes us back to the days when pirates and sailors had bigger fish to fry than a stuffy nose, sore throat and cough.

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Vitamin A is Among the Key Factors for Healthy Eyes, Skin, and Bones

Posted on 20th Sep 2016 09:20:00 in Vitamins & Minerals

Just about everyone has heard that carrots are good for your eyes — an adage repeated by parents through the generations to get their children to eat up the orange vegetable.

There’s truth to that recommendation — and it lies in the fact that carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts into Vitamin A. And there are plenty of benefits to making sure you get plenty of Vitamin A.

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Most Americans Fail to Get Adequate Amounts of Magnesium for Good Health

Posted on 15th Sep 2016 09:30:00 in Vitamins & Minerals

As a mineral, magnesium scores huge points for its essential role in helping the body function properly. Here are just a few things that make it an important part of a regular diet: It aids in regulating blood pressure, maintaining a steady heart rate, and promoting bone strength.

However, most Americans of all ages are not getting enough magnesium to meet average requirements, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). Lack of magnesium can manifest itself in numerous ways, including feelings of exhaustion and muscle cramps.

A magnesium deficiency also can go undetected, with many people not experiencing symptoms yet experiencing the long-term effects.

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Feeling Weak? Fatigued? Check the Signs for an Iron Deficiency

Posted on 8th Sep 2016 09:30:11 in Vitamins & Minerals

Sometimes feelings of fatigue can simply be chalked up to an incredibly busy lifestyle — whether it’s a result of juggling family schedules, work, household chores and myriad other responsibilities. However, some symptoms may point to an iron deficiency, which is more common than many people realize.

According to the World Health Organization, iron deficiency is one of the most common and widespread nutritional disorders in the world, affecting over 30 percent of the world’s population. Although it’s one of the most common conditions, an iron deficiency is easy to overlook. But left untreated, the symptoms can quickly worsen — leading to other complications.

Here are some symptoms that could point to an iron deficiency or anemia, according to the World Health Organization.

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Turmeric and the Rheumatoid Arthritis Connection

Posted on 6th Sep 2016 09:30:14 in Vitamins & Minerals

The active ingredient in the plant turmeric, curcumin, is quickly gaining a reputation as a superfood, with some people even saying that it already has developed a cult-like following. But turmeric has been around for thousands of years — with cultures in Asia using it for seasoning and medicinal purposes on a daily basis.

Turmeric, the main spice used in curry dishes, is gaining a lot of attention because of the turmeric root’s active ingredient curcumin and the possible health benefits.

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Can Turmeric Help in the Fight Against Sickness?

Posted on 1st Sep 2016 09:30:52 in Vitamins & Minerals

Scientists have been studying and researching turmeric for its ability to aid in relieving and preventing joint pain and many other ailments for some time. Studies are now being performed to see how the spice works at tackling disease.

Turmeric was initially used as a dye in Asia. After discovering that it had the ability to preserve the freshness and nutritional value in foods, people started using it in curries to aid in preserving it for later use and export. Turmeric played a very important part in South Asia’s sustainability. It was supposedly valued more than gold and gemstones.

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4 Symptoms of a Vitamin D Deficiency

Posted on 30th Aug 2016 09:30:00 in Vitamins & Minerals

One billion. That’s the number of people worldwide who have a vitamin D deficiency, according to the Harvard School of Public Health. And a significant number of those people live in the United States. A study published in the Nutritional Journal put that number at 42 percent of American adults.

So what are the symptoms a person should look for to find out if they are included in this number or not? A blood test may be able to inform someone, but first here are some things to look out for when deciding whether or not to get a blood test or speak with a physician regarding 

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Add These 4 Supplements to the Pantry After the Age of 50

Posted on 23rd Aug 2016 09:30:47 in Vitamins & Minerals

Some people subscribe to the idea that 50 is the new 30. It’s no wonder. Many people over the age of 50 are running marathons, starting new careers, and engaging in active lifestyles — with no thoughts of retiring to a more sedentary lifestyle.

However, no matter how healthy and active a person may be, it’s important to check the personal intake of these five vitamins after turning 50.

Many people may be accustomed to taking a multivitamin. However, beyond 50, it’s essential to take another look at some vitamins that may insufficiently absorbed into the body. They include Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium — especially for women. Take a look at these vitamins and their benefits.

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A Vegan’s Guide to Nutrient Supplements

Posted on 11th Aug 2016 09:30:00 in Vitamins & Minerals

Whether a person is a vegan or not, everyone should be aware of the possibility of nutrient deficiencies. For vegans, a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, grains, beans and some seeds or nuts can help with including the appropriate amount of vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy balance. However, many vegans still don’t get the recommended amounts of some important nutrients including calcium, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

The University of Eastern Finland recently performed a study showing that vegans adhere to nutrition recommendations in varying degrees. The researchers say this evidence highlights the need of vegans to get nutrition guidance and to use recommended nutrient supplements. Moreover, closer attention should be paid to the intake of vitamin D and iodine among vegans.

The following are some of the nutrient supplements that may assist vegans in staying healthy.

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Natural Allergy Relief: Speed Up Your Recovery Through Easy, Drug-Free Remedies

Posted on 2nd Aug 2016 08:30:30 in Vitamins & Minerals

Pollen, smog, pets, dust… It doesn’t take much to get many of us sneezing, sniffling, coughing or rubbing our itchy, watery eyes. It turns out 55% of us in the U.S. test positive for one or more allergens according to WebMD, placing allergies among the top five chronic diseases in the nation.

A growing number of sufferers who once reached for conventional allergy meds — your standard Benadryls, Zyrtecs and Claritins — are now turning to relief alternatives without harmful medication effects like drowsiness, mood swings, nose bleeds and trouble sleeping.

Thankfully, natural allergy relief is within reach through easy tweaks to your home and habits.

But before we get to those tweaks, let’s clarify what causes allergies, and how to discern it from its look-alike, the common cold.

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6 Important Things Everyone Should Know About Vitamin B12

Posted on 9th Aug 2016 09:30:46 in Vitamins & Minerals

Lately, Vitamin B12 has been getting a lot of attention as one of the vitamins that are essential to the body’s ability to function properly. According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, people in California are lining up to get shots, supplements, or sprays that contain Vitamin B12.

There’s reason for the interest, said Dr. Zhaoping Li, director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, who was quoted by the newspaper. "B12 is essential for everyone," he said. It also is known for boosting energy.

Here are six essential things everyone should know about Vitamin B12, including how to make sure it’s part of the daily diet.

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10 Symptoms That Could Signal a Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Posted on 4th Aug 2016 09:30:28 in Vitamins & Minerals

Everyone gets tired at some point. Or they may experience weakness, a loss of appetite, or constipation. While these could be symptoms of a hectic schedule or various sorts of illnesses, including a virus or flu, they also could be a sign of a Vitamin B12 deficiency that can be easily treated.

Recent news reports, including those featured in New York Times and, First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln likely was among Americans who suffered from a severe form of Vitamin B12 deficiency — which, unfortunately, caused her to exhibit strange behavior, mood swings, and public outbursts. Only recently, decades after her death, have medical experts noted that she exhibited classic symptoms of pernicious anemia, a disease caused by a vitamin-B12 deficiency.

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An Overview of EDTA

Posted on 18th Jul 2016 01:30:44 in Vitamins & Minerals

It's hard to enjoy life without a healthy heart. 

EDTA, or Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, is a colorless, water-soluble solid that helps keep your heart healthy. At Wonder Labs, we call it "nature's plaque scrubber," an amino polycarboxylic acid that helps support healthy heart artery and blood vessel function. Additionally, it aids in:

  • Removing certain heavy metals
  • Chelation therapy

In fact, since it can identify and remove certain unwanted metals, EDTA has been used to treat lead poisoning since the 1950s. 

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Researchers Seek Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Falls Among Seniors

Posted on 21st Jul 2016 09:30:00 in Vitamins & Minerals

Researchers at the John Hopkins School of Medicine are seeking participants for a study to determine if Vitamin D deficiencies could be a major contributor for falls among people 65 and older.

John Hopkins already has published a pilot study that shows Vitamin D supplements could assist people with multiple sclerosis by regulating the body’s hyperactive immune response.

According to some estimates, as many as 40 percent of Americans could have a Vitamin D deficiency, which John Hopkins linked to an increased risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

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Vitamins and Supplements for the 40 and Older Crowd

Posted on 12th Jul 2016 09:30:00 in Vitamins & Minerals

There’s good news for Americans when it comes to life expectancy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average life expectancy is 78.8 years of age — a record high in this country. The report, which is based on 2012 records, also revealed that women have a higher life expectancy of 81.2 years compared to 76.4 years for men.

However, the causes of death remained unchanged from the previous year. The top 10 leading causes of death were heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke, unintentional injuries, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, kidney disease and suicide. They accounted for 73.8 percent of all deaths.

To combat those type of diseases as well as engage in an improved quality of life, many Americans are managing their weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Also, supplements can assist those who are unable to get all their nutrients through diet. Here are four vitamins and supplements worth considering for the 40 and older crowd.

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When to Balance Daily Diet with Supplements

Posted on 7th Jul 2016 09:30:11 in Vitamins & Minerals

Take them or not? That’s the question many Americans face when trying to decide whether to add an assortment of vitamins to their daily diet. The answer, as typical in these type of situations is, “It depends.”

Gaining all the recommended nutrients through a healthy diet is not necessarily impossible, but it can be challenging. Even the most disciplined people can find it difficult to receive the optimal levels of nutrients, like Vitamin D, which is not found in most foods Americans commonly eat. Unlike most nutrients, Vitamin D is most commonly obtained from skin exposure to the sun.

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CoQ10 Among Antioxidants That Can Improve Heart Health Outcomes

Posted on 14th Jun 2016 08:30:05 in Vitamins & Minerals

When it comes to essential basic cell function of the human body, Coenzyme Q10 is essential. It can be found naturally throughout the human body. That’s why researchers are finding that this antioxidant, which is regularly referred to as CoQ10, benefits the functioning of various parts of the body.

Also, research studies have shown some promising results in using it as a treatment for people with high blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, HIV/AIDS and muscular dystrophies. People with these conditions, as well as those who are aging, typically have been shown to have lower levels of CoQ10.

Other uses of CoQ10 as a supplement include asthma, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol and eye disease.

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Why is Glucosamine Getting So Much Attention?

Posted on 9th Jun 2016 08:30:26 in Vitamins & Minerals

There’s an increasing demand for glucosamine — a supplement that has contributed to alleviating joint pain and strengthening cartilage. Researchers are now predicting that the demand for the supplement is expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2022.

That demand has been attributed to a growing number of Americans who are dealing with arthritis, and other related conditions.

Here are some things that consumers should know about glucosamine.

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There's More to Melatonin Than a Good Night's Sleep

Posted on 5th May 2016 08:30:59 in Vitamins & Minerals

If you’ve ever struggled with insomnia, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the natural supplement melatonin. People have been using the nutritional supplement melatonin for years to aid in a better full night’s sleep.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep. The CDC defines “enough sleep” as 7 hours each night.

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7 Incredible Benefits of Magnesium

Posted on 4th May 2016 08:30:38 in Vitamins & Minerals

Magnesium plays many vital roles in the body. WebMD says that diseases such as osteoporosis, clogged arteries, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure have been linked to low magnesium levels.

A diet that includes foods such as fiber-rich vegetables is one way to get the recommended daily amount of magnesium. However, many people are not getting the proper amount of it daily. And that’s where magnesium supplements can help.

Here are 7 benefits of getting the proper amount of magnesium.

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Fuel the Body with the Power of Vitamin B12

Posted on 20th Apr 2016 08:30:12 in Vitamins & Minerals

When folks in Los Angeles are up to something, that typically means the rest of the nation will follow suit. And one of the latest health trends spreading in the city of celebrities is the vast array of ways to ingest Vitamin B12 — from injections to sprays and vitamins, according to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times.

While the benefits of Vitamin B12 have been recognized by many Americans for some, it has been getting more attention recently. The number of companies releasing energy drinks with B12 and other vitamins has risen significantly, with some medical experts questioning whether the trend can be causing some people to consume too much Vitamin B12, as reported by the New York Times.

Here’s a breakdown of several common questions about this wonder vitamin and why it appears to be getting so much renewed attention in its many forms.

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What are Probiotics Good For?

Posted on 24th Mar 2016 08:30:48 in Vitamins & Minerals

At some time or another, you may have heard someone suggest using probiotics to tame an upset stomach — or manage any number of digestive problems, such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Or that they’re just good for overall health.

If you’re not fully familiar with them, take a look at these five interesting traits and uses of probiotics.

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5 Wonderful Benefits of Omega-3

Posted on 15th Mar 2016 08:30:00 in Vitamins & Minerals

When it comes to supplements, Omega-3 often is considered among those with an array of benefits that far exceed its weight as a small tablet.

This essential fatty acid, which is ideally consumed through Omega-3 rich foods like fatty fish (think salmon, mackerel, sardines, albacore tuna and herring), has been recommended by the American Heart Association as a way to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Here are 5 other benefits of Omega-3.

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4 Things You Should Know About Magnesium

Posted on 15th Mar 2016 08:30:00 in Vitamins & Minerals

Perhaps you’ve already heard about magnesium as a supplement; maybe a friend or a relative includes it in their daily regimen. But there’s a good chance that you should get even more familiar with magnesium. According to statistics, about 80 percent of Americans are considered deficient in magnesium, an essential mineral that assists in the function of our bodies.

To make sure you’re in the know about magnesium, take a look at these four things you should know about this important mineral.

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9 Things You Should Know About Vitamin B

Posted on 21st Jan 2016 08:30:14 in Vitamins & Minerals

If you’re fairly new to exploring the benefits of supplementing your diet with vitamins, the almighty Vitamin B may be one of the most confusing supplements you’ll navigate on your journey to better health.

At times, it may seem like Vitamin B is an alphabet soup assortment of options, with the likelihood of you running into everything from B-1 to B-12 as you determine the best choices for your needs.

To simplify things a bit, here are 9 things you should know about Vitamin B.

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5 Signs You Might Have a Vitamin Deficiency

Posted on 12th Jan 2016 00:08:30 in Vitamins & Minerals

With the average American’s rushed schedule and inadequate diet, it’s no wonder that many of us are lacking many of the vitamins and nutrients considered essential to maintaining healthy bodies. In fact, most of us aren’t consuming enough vitamin D, vitamin C, calcium and iron, according to numerous studies. Even worse, we’re eating too much of the bad stuff — including saturated fat and sodium.

In many cases, our bodies are giving off signals to let us know when we’re deficient in certain vitamins. Here are 5 signs to help you detect whether you may have a vitamin deficiency.

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The Importance of Vitamin C

Posted on 17th Feb 2015 09:45:35 in Vitamins & Minerals

You may consider the orange to be the iconic fruit when it comes to Vitamin C, but in reality, there are many other foods that contain a greater number of milligrams of the nutrient when compared side by side. For example, when compared to the nearly 70 milligrams of vitamin C in an orange, chili peppers have 107.8 mg, red peppers have a whopping 190 mg, kale has 90.4 mg. in a single cup, and broccoli has 132 mg, according to

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Vitamin B12 for Humans and Pets

Posted on 22nd Jan 2015 11:22:15 in Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin B-12 is a key nutrient in the creation of your personal DNA, and it plays a vital role in cellular health, but most people correlate B-12 as a magic weapon for fighting fatigue. In reality, a deficiency in B-12 is what can lead to fatigue and weakness, according to information from the National Institutes of Health, and the organization estimates that between 1.5 percent and 15 percent of Americans have a B-12 deficiency.

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How Much Vitamin D Do I Need

Posted on 18th Jan 2015 12:12:32 in Vitamins & Minerals

How much do you know about the role vitamin D plays in health and wellness? For the body, Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium, a mineral everyone needs for bone growth, strength, and protection from diseases like osteoporosis. Vitamin D is found in diary, eggs, and fish, and is absorbed in the skin when exposed to sunlight. Healthy people under the age of 70 need about 600 IU of Vitamin D daily, and Liquid Calcium Softgels with Natural Vitamin D3 (item #6203) provides the recommended amount when taken daily.

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