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Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising Campaign 2017

Posted on 6th Oct 2017 11:23:36 in Announcements & News

Since 1985 October has become known as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the United States. WonderLabs is happy to announce that a percentage of all sales for the month of October will be collected and distributed to three local organizations active in the fight against breast cancer.

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Turmeric Has Powerful Anti-Virus Compounds

Posted on 20th Jul 2017 14:00:00 in Immune System, Announcements & News

There are many things to enjoy and appreciate about the plant-based herb turmeric. Let’s begin with the fact that it not only can nicely spice up a good meal, it also can provide a laundry list of health benefits that practically make it a medicine cabinet unto itself. Included among those health remedies is turmeric’s inherent ability to suppress a variety of viruses that attack our bodies, ranging from influenza to hepatitis to herpes simplex and beyond.

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Addressing Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) in Dogs

Posted on 23rd Mar 2017 09:31:39 in Announcements & News

To go along with National Puppy Day, we thought we'd feature the experiences of a member of one of our unique groups of customers, owners of dogs identified with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency or EPI. Olesia Kennedy is the Executive President of the Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc. and we asked her to share her story and experience with WonderLabs in the efforts of taking care of her own dogs with this disease.

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4 Ways To Cope With Stress

Posted on 4th Dec 2015 09:48:50 in Announcements & News

Feeling tired? Tense? Or just having difficulty relaxing and sleeping? If you’re regularly dealing with any of these issues, chances are stress is the culprit. And you’re definitely not alone.

According to a recent poll by Cosmopolitan magazine, about 71 percent of women said they have experienced an anxiety or panic attack. And 40 percent said that anxiety due to stress prompted them to seek medical help.

A survey by the American Psychological Association also revealed that 49 percent of women said they have lain awake at night in the previous month because of stress. It also showed that 39 percent of men were fatigued because of stress, as well as 41 percent of women.

While stress is a natural reaction to certain situations — such as being startled during a horror movie, other factors can lead to chronic stress and those feelings of fatigue, tension, and restlessness. Stress also can lead to other varied symptoms, including depression, tense muscles and an inability to concentrate.

When you’re feeling that stress is getting the best of you, tame your stress levels by following these 4 tips.

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Healthy Eating Tips For The Holidays

Posted on 18th Dec 2014 12:00:00 in Wellness & Well-being, Announcements & News

Our definition of splurge is turned upside down during the holidays. This is the time when we spend a little more on the ones we love, pay it forward in bigger ways to honor others, bend the rules to let the kids have one more cookie or stay up a little later, and indulge in all things delicious, from baked goods to chocolate and candies.

While this time of year is the perfect reason to celebrate, we have a few tips to help you stay near the track instead of getting off of it completely!

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