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7 Homeopathic Remedies

7 Homeopathic Remedies

What Is Homeopathic Medicine?

Homeopathy is a healing practice that is used to treat various ailments, and to restore vitality and balance to the body. There are several principles that govern the practice of homeopathic medicine, the first and foremost being that like cures like. This is actually in the name itself, as homeopathy roughly means "like disease." The substance or medicine prescribed to a patient by a homeopathic practitioner is meant to emulate the symptoms or signs of the ailment from which the patient is suffering.

Another principle of homeopathic medicine is that of using the least amount of the medicine possible, a.k.a. the minimum dose principle. This is primarily to avoid side effects, but it is also believed that this is the best way to stimulate an effective response within the body. On account of the minimum dose principle, most homeopathic products are "potentized," containing only a small amount of the active ingredient.

Always talk it over with your physician before trying one of these herbs or supplements. Homeopathic medicine is not a replacement for professional medical treatment, and beware that some of these might produce side effects in certain individuals.

Several Homeopathic Products to Consider

Valerin is a combination supplement that uses various ingredients common to homeopathic medicine. To see a significant effect from valerin, it needs to be taken regularly for multiple weeks. Our valerin is combined with passionflower, to make it even more effective.

Do your ears ring? Then try Wonder Labs' Tinnitus Relief. It contains various natural substances and herbs that can provide a respite from ringing in the ears. Salicylic acid, is a substance used to treat tinnitus and temporary deafness.

Motion sickness (yes, that?s the name of our product) has shown success alleviating the effects of motion sickness, such as dizziness and nausea.

Wonder Labs' Magnesia Phosphorica is effective for muscle pain. This is used to treat radiating muscle pain. It?s especially useful for muscles that are tired or languid from physical activity. It might also be useful for pains related to menstrual cramps.

Herbs for Homeopathic Use

Arnica Montana is a plant whose extract is commonly used to treat aches and pains. It is available in a variety of forms, and may therefore be used for different types of pain. Arnica Montana is touted as helpful in reducing pain from aches and sprains, as well as pain after surgery.

Agnus Castus is an herb often used to treat both mental and physical PMS symptoms. It?s thought to help relieve breast pain that might occur during PMS, as well as depressed mood, anxiety, and headache. Agnus Castus is present in the supplement VigofemPlus for Women.

Belladonna is a plant whose leaf and root are used in homeopathic medicine. Among its variety of attributed uses are the treatment of hay fever and the common cold. It also has been used to treat bronchial spasms that occur due to asthma, because of its sedative effect.

* Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. WonderLabs always recommends reviewing any nutritional supplement changes with your primary medical provider.

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