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6 Things Everyone's Asking About Multivitamins

6 Things Everyone's Asking About Multivitamins

In recent years, multivitamins have surged in popularity, making their way into the daily routines of many health conscious consumers. As an increasing number of people become interested in the potential benefits of a daily multivitamin, many people have questions. Today, we’d like to take a moment to answer some of those top questions about multivitamins.

#1 Who needs multivitamins?

Just about anyone could benefit from taking a daily multivitamin! There are some nutrients (like B12), which the human body is not capable of producing on its own. Other vitamins may be difficult to obtain in sufficient quantities without eating a wide and varied diet. Still, you may consume adequate quantities of some vitamins and minerals, but your body may have difficulty absorbing them; in this case, getting a little “extra” with a multivitamin can be helpful!

#2 What’s the best time of day to take multivitamins?

You can take a multivitamin any time of the day. However, consistently taking the pill at the same time of the day can help you develop a routine and reduce the likelihood that you’ll forget! Also, because some people may experience an upset stomach when taking a multivitamin without food, we recommend taking your daily dose around mealtime.

#3 Should I take one per day? More than one?

Refer to the directions on the bottle, as there are many different types and dosages of multivitamins. Many types of multivitamins are taken just once a day. As always, your doctor’s specific recommendations should override any generic directions printed on the label.

#4 What results should I expect?

If you have a major deficiency prior to beginning a daily multivitamin routine, you may notice more energy and overall improved wellness after several days or weeks. If you already have a fairly balanced, healthy system, then you may not experience any significant change in how you feel – but that doesn’t mean that a multivitamin isn’t helping!

#5 How soon does the multivitamin get into my system?

While this may vary among multivitamins, many dissolve in the stomach in about a half hour.

#6 Can I crush a multivitamin?

If you find swallowing pills to be difficult or uncomfortable, you can crush a multivitamin into a powder and mix into a glass of water. This should not affect uptake or the multivitamin’s effectiveness.

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