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5 Natural Remedies for What Ails Men 50 and Over

5 Natural Remedies for What Ails Men 50 and Over

Being a man over 50 comes with the duty to take extra care of your health, for the sake of your own mobility, bodily health, and longevity.

A Word on Dietary & Lifestyle Health for Men Over 50

It should be no surprise that diet and lifestyle greatly influence your health, especially for the 50-and-over crowd, which of course includes males. When we say health, this includes organ and bodily health, avoidance of disease, energy levels, mobility, longevity, and mental health. 

Physical lifestyle factors are absolutely instrumental in preserving all aspects of your health as you age. A diet rich in vegetables and fruits, proteins, and whole grains is generally ideal, and helps prevent cardiac disease and other forms of disease. A physically active lifestyle has a myriad of benefits to the body and brain. Getting enough sleep is crucial over the long term.

A bit of perspective is necessary as you consider your long-term health. Yes, you want to preserve your health for your own sake. But, there are other reasons as well. If you have a family, then your mobility, longevity, and overall health probably matters to your loved ones just as much as it does to you. 

Natural Remedies for Men

The following herbs and supplements are touted to help prevent or treat some of the most common ailments and effects of aging that occur in men over 50. These are certainly not replacements for a healthy lifestyle, but they can absolutely prove to be meaningful additions to one. Each of these is recommended for a different reason. Talk to a doctor before using a supplement for the first time.

Leucine is an amino acid, meaning that it contributes to the formation of proteins. Leucine is useful because it helps build muscle. Men over 50 are susceptible to a condition known as sarcopenia, characterized by a decline in muscle mass, strength, and muscular function. In addition to an active lifestyle, leucine can be taken in order to prevent muscular degeneration from taking place. Leucine is found in many amino-acid complex supplements.

Turmeric is a powerful spice with a range of health benefits. Here, we recommend it to men over 50 for two specific reasons: prevention of arthritic pain, and support for prostate health. Scientific study has supported taking turmeric as a means to both of these ends. Arthritis is something many men over 50 experience, and prostate health should be preserved in order to avoid prostate issues.

Green tea extract contains the concentrated ingredients of roughly 9 or 10 cups of natural green tea. Green tea extract is one of the best supplements available to reduce oxidative damage (which furthers aging) and reduce inflammation (which is linked to many kinds of disease). 

Magnesium is a critical mineral which your body uses in many ways. Magnesium has a preventative effect for multiple types of disease that afflict men over 50. These include colon issues, diabetes, and prostatitis (pelvic inflammation and pain). Take magnesium alongside healthy foods in order to help prevent these conditions.

Vitamin D is another crucial substance that the body uses in all kinds of ways. Sufficient vitamin D is necessary in order for the body to produce testosterone. Low testosterone is common among men over 50. This can affect muscle functioning and sexual functioning, among other things. Supplementing with vitamin D can bolster a man’s testosterone levels, thereby benefiting him in many ways.

If you are a man over 50, you must be on high alert in terms of being health-conscious. Your physical good feeling and wellbeing, mobility, and longevity depend on making good lifestyle decisions. Healthy diet and lifestyle habits are the basis of healthy aging. As you age, using one or more of the above natural supplements can also make a positive difference, which bodes well for you and your body.

* Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. WonderLabs always recommends reviewing any nutritional supplement changes with your primary medical provider.