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5 Healthy Remedies for Chronic Inflammation

5 Healthy Remedies for Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural bodily response to harms such as infection and injury. However, it can also be a cause of disease. Here, we take a quick look at what constitutes chronic inflammation, and examine five different products that can help treat it.


Defining Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural bodily response that occurs in order to protect itself from harm. It is carried out by the immune system; A large amount of white blood cells are released to surround and protect a damaged area of the body. This creates visible redness and swelling. Healthy inflammation can happen in response to infections, wounds such as scrapes and cuts, and the presence of foreign toxins in the body


A Look at Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation can be acute or chronic in nature. Chronic inflammation continues beyond the scope of healthy, acute inflammation, which usually lasts no more than a few days. Chronic inflammation can have dangerous effects on the body. It precipitates atherosclerosis (plaque buildup), which is a major contributor to heart attack & stroke.

Chronic inflammation is often more subtle than acute inflammation, and can go unnoticed. It can be anywhere from mild to severe, and can last for years. It can have a wide range of symptoms and effects. Symptoms can include fatigue, bodily pain, depression and/or anxiety, weight gain or loss, and persistent infections. 

Causes of chronic inflammation include certain health issues, and certain lifestyle factors. Health issues related to chronic inflammation include autoimmune disorders, long-term exposure to irritants (e.g. pollution), and untreated causes of acute inflammation. Smoking, obesity, alcohol use, and chronic stress are all contributors to chronic inflammation.


Remedies for Chronic Inflammation

If you or a loved one experience chronic inflammation, then incorporating certain supplements into your diet might help you treat it. These supplements have a variety of potential uses, and reducing chronic inflammation can be one of the most worthwhile benefits, considering the effects chronic inflammation can have on the body.

Magnesium is a vital nutrient that can help reduce inflammation. It is one of the most anti-inflammatory nutrients that humans need. Magnesium can be of importance to many people with chronic inflammation because many people do not actually get enough of this important nutrient on a regular basis.

Omega-3 fatty acids made from fish oil work in more ways than one to reduce inflammation. It does so by blocking the release of certain chemicals that cause the immune system to produce an inflammatory effect. Omega-3s can be especially helpful for those who have rheumatoid arthritis, a disorder characterized by chronic inflammation.

Curcumin, the active ingredient in spice and available as the key substance in turmeric, can help combat inflammation. Curcumin has been shown to help combat chronic inflammation associated with a range of diseases including arthritis and some inflammatory digestive conditions

Ginger is another spice commonly found as an oral supplement. The root of the ginger plant has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It works to block the action of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation. 

Chondroitin is a substance found in human connective tissue. It is also produced as an oral supplement. It has anti-inflammatory properties and possibly the ability to reduce pain as well. It can be especially helpful for those with osteoarthritis. 


Reducing and/or managing chronic inflammation means being very intentional about your lifestyle decisions, and cutting habits out that can cause inflammation. Next to that, getting the right nutrients and helpful substances to reduce inflammation is very important. Consider the above supplements when you address your chronic inflammation. Talk to your medical provider before using any of these supplements for the first time.


* Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. WonderLabs always recommends reviewing any nutritional supplement changes with your primary medical provider.