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Empty Vegetable Capsules "O" Size Clear - 1000 Empty Vegetable Capsules

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Monday, February 8, 2016 - .

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Empty Vegetable Capsules
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Empty Vegetable Capsules "O" Size Clear

Empty Vegetable Capsules, Clear

1000 Empty Vegetable Capsules
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Wonder vegetable capsules are for filling with powder like herbs etc.

Capsule can not be filled with liquid. When the capsules are exposed to any type of moisture they will disintegrate.

"0" Capsule Measurements
Overall length of filled closed capsule, 0.835 inches, 21.22 mm.
Capsule diameter (Body), 0.289 inches, 7.34 mm.
Capsule diameter (Cap), 0.301 inches, 7.65 mm.

100% Preservative FREE

100% Vegetable Cellulose

We use Wonder's Vegetable Capsules in our herbal practice and find that they are extremely safe for people with any kind of allergies. They keep their form well and tend to have less of a taste. I highly recommend them.
Cynthia S

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Wonder's Vegetable and gelatin capsules disintegrate in the stomach in 2 to 3 minutes.

Occasionally it may take up to 5 minutes, but never more than 5 minutes.

Dissolving the capsules in water or vinegar is not a valid test. How fast the capsules dissolve in the stomach is what matters.



All Available Sizes of this Item
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100 Empty Vegetable Capsules201060%3.29
500 Empty Vegetable Capsules205060%9.19
1000 Empty Vegetable Capsules210060%17.59

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This is a DEA regulated item per Code Sections 1310.06 & 1310.07
DEA will contact you if you purchase this capsule machine.

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Empty Vegetable Capsules<br>"OO" SizeEmpty Vegetable Capsules
"OO" Size

Empty Vegetable Capsules

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Category: Empty Vegetable Capsules

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