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Since 1962 Wonder Labs has been helping people live healthier lives by offering natural nutritional products. Today, Wonder Labs is one of America's top leaders in the nutritional field.

What honestly defines OUR company is NOT what we say, but what we actually DO, and we think you should know about it. Why? Well, because most folks today really don't have the foggiest idea about the various companies they do business with. Sure they ship your order to you, they have a satisfaction guarantee, and offer fair pricing. But what else do you REALLY know about them? Not much I bet.

Do they give back to the community? Do they recycle? Do they truthfully care about the folks who work to make them successful...their employees?

To all of us these are important things, and we think you would be interested in knowing about our company. Now this is by no means meant to "toot our own horn". It's to show you that we are people who do care, and that we are more than a company that just sells nutrition.

I think you could say that these four simple words will give you a good idea as to who we are, and what we believe in... HELPING, RESPONSIBILITY, GIVING, and CARE.

Wonder Laboratories 100% Quality Assurance

Wonder Laboratories has been awarded Kosher Certification

Wonder Laboratories manufacturing process has been KO Kosher Certified and Wonder Laboratories is qualified to produce Kosher products, although not all our products are Kosher. Click here for a list of all Kosher products.

So what does Kosher Certification mean?

1. It means our facility is kosher.
Click here to view our facility certificate.
Our facility has been audited and all products we manufacture are processed using
stringent processes for product handling, manufacturing and cleaning giving all our customers extra assurance of our quality.

2. It means we have kosher products to offer.
Click here to view our kosher products certificate.
Wonder Labs has been buying kosher ingredients for a long time and when we combine those
kosher ingredients with our kosher facility it equals approximately 70 kosher products we can offer. So if you are looking for Kosher products we have these to choose from. To see all our kosher products go to our "Browse Category" and click on "Kosher Products", or Click here for our Kosher Products Category



Quite simply we believe in helping our employees strive to be the best they can. We give each person the tools they need to succeed within the company. We believe Wonder Labs success is directly related to our people being empowered to achieve satisfaction and pride in a job well done.

We offer every opportunity to help advance their skills, and are constantly training our people. With more training and skill, comes more responsibility, pride, and in turn, financial rewards.

Beyond the training we also provide medical coverage for our employees, plus a 401K retirement program.

The ultimate proof of what our employees think of us lies in the fact of how long they have been with us:

  • 10% of our people have been withus for 5 years or more!
  • 32% of our people have been with us for 10 years or more!
  • 19% of our people have been with us for 20 years or more!
  • 2% of our employees have been with us for 30 years or more!

(OUR PEOPLE LOVE WONDER LABS and we truly think the world of them!)


It's always been our belief that being in business means more than just selling nutrition. It also means taking care of the environment where we conduct our business. We are proud of what we have done so far to help achieve our goal of being 100% green.

All of us are 100% committed to recycling, because we know we are the care takers of our planet and NOT the owners of it.


It has been said that "Charity begins at home," and it is an integral part of Wonder Labs core belief. It is our moral responsibility to make our little corner of the world a better place.

Here are just a few things we are happy to do:


As a family business we know what has truthfully made us successful are the folks that work with us.

Without a doubt, it is their hard work, ingenuity, and burning desire to succeed that has made Wonder Labs.

In turn I believe that it is our moral obligation to "help each other out and offer a helping hand."

We help our employees out and support them. From financial and medical crisis, to personal emotional times and stress,we step up to the plate.

It's just the right thing to do, and our Wonder employees sincerely appreciate the fact that their company really cares.


We just want to let you know that the Wonder Labs shipment that you will open contains more than healthy nutrition. It also contains "Wonder Pride" from a dedicated group of true Americans.

All of us day in and day out put our human energy to work here at Wonder Labs to make a difference for our planet Earth, and the folks in our community. We thank you for your business and we appreciate your support.

Wishing you perfect health.....

From all the employees of Wonder Labs


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ballAbout Us

At Wonder Laboratories, your health and vitality is our business, and we're dedicated to keeping you healthy and happy! We can offer every day low prices because we manufacture most of what we sell. Wonder Laboratories has been on the Internet since 1996 as a company and in the Health and Nutrition field since 1962.

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ballOur 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We guarantee you a ABSOLUTE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. You must be completely satisfied with any product you purchase from Wonder Laboratories®, or you can return it within 30 days for replacement, credit or refund, guaranteed. Just call our customer service department anytime Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM. (Central Time) Customer Service Number 800-992-1672.

ball Common Internet Concerns

Concerns about shopping online haven't changed much in recent years. Most people say their biggest worry is that their credit card numbers will be stolen (43 percent). Fears that their personal information will be abused ranks second (22 percent). Nearly one-third have had a problem with an online purchase. The most common complaint is that the products or services received were not what was promised (13 percent, up from 8 percent in 1999). Five percent said the product was never delivered; three percent claimed the seller tried to charge more than the original agreement; two percent said they were charged for a purchase they never agreed to make; and two percent said their credit card number was stolen and used fraudulently after they gave it online.

ballOur Commitment to You

Credit Cards
At Wonder Laboratories, we do not store credit card numbers. When the order is retrieved from our secure site the credit card number is erased. On-Line Credit Card orders are processed using the latest encryption technology. Your on-line order is many times more secure than giving your card to a waitress, convenience store clerk, retail outlet etc. Credit Card information MUST match up to your delivery address, name, etc. or the Credit Card may not get processed.

Personal Information
We have never sold, given away, traded or used personal information in any way other than to ship your package to you or call you about a shipment or problem. No, E-Mail addresses are not sold, traded, etc.! This has been a long standing company policy that will remain unchanged.

Mistakes do take place and in the rare case of a mistake we will make things right! Whatever it takes to make you happy. However, mistakes are few and far between because of our double check-out procedure. The same person that picks an order cannot check the order as it goes in a box for shipment.

Other problems people encounter are slow shipment and out of stock. In the event something is out of stock when you purchase, it will be forwarded to you at no additional shipping expense as soon as it comes in stock. Out of stock is rare because we are the manufacturer of most of what we sell.
We get your product to you ASAP by processing the order quickly. Depending on the value of the shipment and distance will determine the method of shipment (USPS or UPS). Your package should arrive in 1 to 6 business days from the day we receive your order. See our Shipping Chart for details.

NOTICE... Due to shipping rate increases, beyond our control, Wonder Laboratories shipping rates are subject to change without notice.

ballWhat's in store for you?

Affordable prices
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ballContact Information

Wonder Laboratories
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Phone: 800.992.1672
Fax: 877.992.0820
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